Thursday, February 07, 2008

Here I Am Again.

Well, it's been four months since my last post on here and, frankly, I'm a bit too knackered and spaced out to do anything very long. And, having been out of the circuit so long, don't really feel the urge to rant much. I'm sure this will change anon...


rjknapp said...

Welcome back Neal!

Rasselas said...

Welcome back, Neal. Hope you're well.

Gerard said...

dckWelcome back Neal, your input has been missed.

Gerard, South Africa.

Bob Lock said...

Hi Neal,
You've been missed!

Good to see you back, we've all been wondering where you've been.
There's been a book on:

1. Four months solitary for 'dissing' the government.

2. You went into hiding after a failed coup d’├ętat.

3. The last runcible you went through broke down and you were stranded on Spatterjay. (my particular favourite)

Best wishes,

Alex Cull said...

Hooray, you're back!

Kirby Uber said...

welcome back, mr. asher. 8)

will i see you at the American Atheists National Convention this year? mmm winter in Minneapolis... frozen bollocks assured.

i know i know that American bit is a tad off putting.

hutch0 said...

*waves hi*

Mark Chitty said...

Nice to see you back Neal!

fleetofworlds said...

Great to see you back Mr A.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back you lazy git.

Those walls better be so straight and well plastered that I could run a metal ruler along it.

I know the rest are to polite to say anything, but exactley how many words written and what quality.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Neal!

Hope you had a nice holiday (Do tell and photos, Please!). Now excuse me while I brace for the inevitable once you’re rested up enough to sit up and have a look around!

Jonathan K. Stephens

Wrathex said...

Neal, it's great to hear from
you again.