Friday, December 11, 2009

Ataque de Pánico! (Panic Attack!) 2009

This from Martin Sommerfield. I do love CGI effects now.


Michael Stone said...

Wow, that IS spectacular!

Peter said...

That was impressive, I enjoyed watching that.

liveforfilms said...

It is good. Turns out the guy who made it is now the darling of Hollywood and has been given the opportunity to make a full length feature (although I'm not sure if it will be based on this).

Here's another nice bit of CGI in a trailer for a Japanese flying saucer film called Planzet.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

save our drones in Uraguay! they become some swell looking oil tanks, so it all worked out!!
glad they didnt ruin this promo with the 'hero' and the 'love scene' that has to be in every goddam movie (or else).

for end of the world scenes playing in my head constantly i want to see The Sheep Look Up and The Genocides bring some true scene downer to the screen. cant recall if there are explosions in those books, but i'm sure there will be a love scene and some guy with a gun gritting his teeth saying 'go go go!' if theyre made.

Ming-liang Tsai's The Hole was a good premise, but was draggy and then jacked by karaoke role play at 15 min intervals. the whole humans as cockroach endtimes is a great premise (re: Disch's Genocides), but this didnt carry thru as it coulda. it's pretty obtuse tho, and doesnt apologize with it's weird which ya dont see much of.

hers's a funny that will never see the screen.
again with the child intro:

you guys sick of my shit yet? i'll shut up now.

Neal Asher said...

Hey, maybe the Hollywood moguls are beginning to realise how lacking in originality their stuff has become.

Ian B said...

Damn good stuff. He's worth a thought if you ever put any of your stuff to celluloid Neal.