Saturday, January 22, 2011

Free Electron Laser Weapon

Megawatt laser weapons. I think I may have to go lie down in a darkened room. More here at The Register.


Graeme said...

I can see it's clever. I just wonder at what point do they predict they are going to have to use it?

It's an odd thing to be impressed with clever weapons like this (I am don't get me wrong), but who is the enemy? At the moment it's blokes dressed in sheets riding mopeds carrying ex Russian RPGs, knock off Pakistani made Kalashnikovs, and wearing belts loaded with explosives (they don't even have a navy).

If this technology had some peaceful application, like boring nice straight launch tubes with which you could create rail gun launch systems to get us further into space, I think I would be a bit more cheeerful about it.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

oh there's an enemy... robe wearing types in the middle of who knows where, commies, inviso terrorists and ufos. doesnt work for you? we can come up with more, easy!

keep fear alive. feed the machine. hand out guns quick, gotta use 'em NOW!

(this is on behalf of the u.s., sure things are more lax over in non-tea party, tea-land.)

Neal Asher said...

All scientific advances like this are worth it, Graeme. But on the war front ... maybe mounted in a plane with infra red cameras? A bit more surgical than a cluster bomb.

More fear equals more state control, Vaude, so they love it.

Jebel Krong said...

the plasmonic laser that could focus on individual molecules i read about recently seems a tad more useful...

Nuno said...

@Graeme: I don't see this as a clever weapon, just a (potentially) very powerful one -- sorry, I've met Gridlinked some days ago (never had read anything from Mr Asher) and Cormac's shuriken is the ├╝ber intelligent weapon, so I'm slightly biased right now. :P

@Neal: I agree, all scientific advances are worth it, and a lot of the technology we now enjoy originated in war efforts. This doesn't make it less scary, of course. From 2018 on, expect a new trend in military aircraft fashion: mirrors! Hehehe!!!