Friday, December 16, 2011


Always worth checking out what they're doing at Boston Dynamics but, as we see here with all the power cables leading in, it's all about power supply.


Swainson said...

The positive feedback is impressive in keeping the whole thing stable.

To give it a greater range they could put a couple of wind turbines on top of it.

I hear they are the next thing in portable efficient power supply.

Graeme said...

It's got a Belisha beacon for a head. It didn't tear the scientists arm off when he pushed it, and it's trying to get fitter by doing squats and press-ups... though worryingly it appeared to be practicing a firing stance.

It's a bit like Pinocchio right now, but one day it will be telling you to fetch it a glass of fizzy lubricant and a packet of salted bolts.