Thursday, January 19, 2012

Secret Offshore Forts - a history and a visit

Ever since seeing these 'Maunsell forts', while on a fishing trip, I've been fascinated by them. They've put in an appearance in Cowl and now, sort of, in The Departure. They came up in a chat on Twitter about that book (about the stinking reviews on amazon). In the book they aren't there but in their place is Maunsell Airport ... in fact Boris Island Airport. Thanks to David Hutchinson for the link to this video clip.


Huan said...

I just finished Cowl for the second time this week, and was curious as to the origin of the Knock John seafort.Fascinating.

Neal Asher said...

They always make me think of War of the Worlds, Huan. I can just imagine that lot striding in towards the shore. In fact that would be good territory for a short story.