Saturday, November 17, 2012

Open Thread

Okay, time for another open thread. Talk about whatever you like, self promote whatever, but play nicely.


Paul McO'Smith III said...

Well, given this is open... My lunch at the Chesil Rectory in Winchester today was bloody nice... and now this glass of post lunch bubbles is going down a treat. I might yet have another.

Bob Lock said...

Some self-promotion then, and a freebie for those who like zombie stories:

I'd appreciate a review though, doesn't have to be positive but if it's a negative one it would be helpful to know why.

Jezcentral said...

My lunch was tuna, although, here in Barbados, they call it dolphin to scare the tourists. It was also bloody nice. :)

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

apartheid terrorists perfect fun for the armchair observer:

run kids run:

interdimensional earth ruin borderland for pigworld read:

2% success rate of killing some guy, mostly kids though, on gathered whatsis:\

probable crimes, all, anyone, everyone with judge prosecutor shillbulb:\

camofluking: it's what you get for stealing you 8 armed buildingpus:

swallow your drone scone repiglicrat!:

crawling cleft dot carnality chomps metamorfistling:

parasite got your vocab?:\

cosmostringer electrifudged, play the squalid novacatta:

world police; a new generation of change hopes chain gangers:\

kaptain kill "great to be king of the underworld", woot:\

world eaters anonymous:\

satan in stripes. in candy land. with pants off:

feathered daisycutter inhales dustbumper:

beak said...

have you seen Looper yet?

Neal Asher said...

That's the spirit, Paul.

I'll have a look, Bob. And for all of you who want to put stories etc through the mill don't forget the workshop here:

Jez, who would know the difference?

Bloody hell Vaude.

No, not yet, Beak.

Neal Asher said...

Well, the kalinga was conservation conscious, Vaude - it only ate part of the starfish. Bloody thing doesn't look real.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

eating part of a starfish is harvesting, limb regrowth means-ocean farmers out there.

love how messed up sea life is & you have SF exploring humanoid & funny nose b.s.

did you see the carnivorous sponge? looks like a 50s tv antenna.

robann said...

Hey Bob.

I've downloaded the book and am enjoying it! Finished the introduction and first story this morning on the tube. Only criticism is you've made a small error in your shotgun categorization. You refer to double barrelled shotgun OR an over-and-under. Actually an over-and-under is also a type of double barrelled gun. I think you meant side-by-side or over-and-under. Both are double barrelled guns with the barrels in a horizontal or vertical configuration. Side-by-side guns are slightly harder to aim but have the advantage of being able to fire both barrels at once - better for zombies I'm sure.

Chrish said...

Don't you dare laughing at me:

Chrish said...

In case you're bored and have not seen it yet:

"The pillars of the earth"
England 12th century. Not brilliant but quite entertaining for a weekday, 8 50 minutes episodes starring Ian McShane, Matthew Macfadyen, Eddie Redmayne,Donald Sutherland. Produced amongst others by Tony and Ridley Scott. Based on the book by Ken Follett. Have fun!

Neal Asher said...

Chris, Caroline got the book a couple of years ago and we both read it. Then we both watched the DVD. Very much enjoyed Breaking Bad by the way.

Chrish said...

This year same people made 'World without end' have not seen that one yet...

Bob Lock said...

Thanks Neal, hope you get around to reading it :)
Hey, robann,
Cool! Glad you've downloaded it. Yeah of course both types are double-barrelled it's just my way of thinking (old-fashioned) when side-by-side shotguns were just known as double-barrelled and then the newer over and unders came out. I had a mate who own a hybrid, an over and under with a rifle barrel on top and a shotgun beneath, don't think you see many of those.
BTW I'd appreciate a review if or when you finish it.

PS, I'm having lamb-chops for dinner...

robann said...

Bob - over and under guns have been out since the 1940s, how old *are* you :-) Are you really undead...

Just reached the zombies on mars bit (now that's a plot shift akin to the movie from dust til dawn). I'll probably finish the book tomorrow on my commuting journeys. I'm really enjoying it with only one minor plot flaw. I'll write something when I'm complete!

Bob Lock said...

Hehe robann,
No, not undead yet, but feel like it from time to time :)
Yeah, I think you're right, it could be the Browning Superposed from either 30s or 40s that was the first O/U.
I was born in 49 :)
I used to hunt with an old Russian Baikal that was bloody noisy and had a hell of a kick. Then managed to find a beautiful old Greener with a Martini Action which was a dream.
Had to sell both of them when I went to Italy to live for a few years.
Yep, the Mars plot shift isn't the only Dusk Till Dawn moment :)
Glad you're enjoying it, let me know the plot flaw and I'll fix it.

robann said...

Review: A great collection of short stories with links between them all. Several twists, turns and a lot of humour. All for the fantastic price of £0.00.

Plot/writing flaw! In "The Vegetarian Zombie" the story is in the first person and you are told that you are reading the journal of the zombie. However, later in the story, there is a description of the journal being given away but the story continues - who can be writing the journal you are reading!

Have you got any more work I can read?

robann said...

P.S. I'm having pasta and garlic bread for my tea.

Chrish said...

It's the bbc I know, still an interesting bit of history.....

Bob Lock said...

Hey robann,
Glad you managed to finish it and even gladder that you enjoyed it.
Ack! However! I'll have to re-read The Vegetarian Zombie then and sort out the POV mix-up, well spotted.
Yeah I have plenty of stuff around the place. If you review They Feed On Flesh on Smashwords or/and Amazon I'll send you a voucher to get my SF collection for free, this one:
Or if you have plenty of money it costs 99 cents :P

I've got printed books too over at Amazon.

(Sorry for piggy-backing your site so much Neal!)

I just had Chilli Con Carne for tea and drank two glasses of gross British-made red wine that my wife bought and will not be buying again...

Bob Lock said...

Thanks for the excellent review on Smashwords robann, much appreciated :)

2theD said...

Seeing "crab salad" in Shadow of the Scorpion has reminded me of F.M. Busby's Demu Trilogy. Had you read this novel prior to writing about the Prador?