Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Open Thread

Here's another open thread for you. Post what you like, rant, rave, advertise, get involved in long convoluted discussions that don't necessarily have to be about SF, or science, just don't get silly now.

Having just received Jupiter War to edit I'm going to be busy for a while.


Fred Nuncic said...

i´m looking forward to the third book of the owner story... *g*

Dave Post said...
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Dave Post said...

Check out www.WorldsWithoutEnd.com for thousands of SF/Fantasy/Horror books organized around the top awards (Hugo, Nebula, Campbell etc.) and best lists (SF Masterworks, Classics of SF, Guardian SF/F etc.) in genre fiction. You'll find Neal Asher and over 1,200 other authors along with over 1,000 member submitted book reviews, videos, podcasts, magazines and more resources for genre fiction fans.

Thanks, Neal, for the open thread!

Jezcentral said...

Place your bets on whether Jupiter War will be out before PR3 is finished...

Does a publisher put out more than one book a year per author? At this rate, they'll never catch up with him.

joshua said...

I absolutely love your books, but living in the Midwest(USA), I've noticed your books are rarely stocked. I'm trying to combat this by requesting they stock them, then ordering/buying many copies and giving them to readers that will enjoy them.

Keep up the excellent work!

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

funpile for masochists-




IPOT sugarcube novelty agents:

learn alligator/human love tech:

going back to pie-ami:

random eatures from the back baboon:


eyegrope double helix from planet chitonlick:

trashavarious landfillharmonic:

bathing in infant blood near fiscal cliff:

the darkest broccoli roosts in nightmares drowned in the lagoon of despair:

your adventure problems from nothing maker set:

alien pods:

rageboots podcasting:

beak said...

@ Dave Post

Thanks for the link, very useful!

Andrew said...

Now where's that link to the guardian article about global warming? If I can find it I will put it up and see what response I get!

Andrew said...

Can't find it, shame because it was hilarious. The Guardian does have whole pages dedicated to carbon footprints on its website which says a lot. They seem to have taken to it like a religion.

P.s. I can't stand Guardian readers.

beak said...

Greg Bear? Worth a read and if so which books?

Dave Post said...

@ beak: Glad you like the site. For Greg Bear I recommend you try Darwin's Radio. Won the Nebula in 2000 along with 3 other award noms. Humanity is on the cusp of a rapid evolutionary spike and must figure out a way to co-exist with Man 2.0. Wonderful read with some serious genetic science and a great what if scenario.

Andrew Wingate said...

Eon by Greg Bear is a very good read..

Unknown said...

Another good novel by Greg Bear is
The Forge of God. It offers a scary
reply to Fermi's Paradox: They are
indeed Out There but pray they never
find us.

laurenlibrarian said...

Hope to see you touring in the US at some point! And if you make it over here, the "What If...Science Fiction and Fantasy Forum" at the Library of Congress would love to host you for an author talk.

beak said...

thanks all!

i did check out Darwin's Radio.. will start with that. also reading The Quantum Thief which gets better the further into it you get, and just ordered Blackout..

Jezcentral said...

@Unknown But the sequel, Anvil of the Stars, makes it clear that, eventually, the aliens will be the ones who should have prayed that they never found us. :)

Andrew said...

Can I take the opportunity of pointing people towards a kickstarter campaign?

It is for a sequel of the 1984 space game "elite". Go to the link below:


This got me into science fiction. Actually, there was a book that they made for the game called "The Dark Wheel". At the age of 8 it was the first sci fi I ever read.

They are also letting people bid to write other books in the elite universe which I find quite interesting.

Have a look, it is really good. It was a game changer and had a massive impact on early game development.

The game maker created an algorithm to create an exact replica of our solar system, which is really amazing given it was all done on a BBC micro.

The whole games was 22kb, which is about the size of an email nowadays.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...