Friday, January 04, 2013

Open Thread

Bit busy now...


vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

semi mindless
think cape:

trippin balls thru your ears in this mp3 goldmine!:

crawl around the world's dust oceans streaming mp3 shoregreive:\

restless kafkaesque toilet search in cubist death trap around 1967:

first 4 tracks purring of parasites stroked with tasers & uranium rod:

tax raise, because we can win this, we are winning: the
volume before

drinking the eye slurpees:

hit 'kapat' when commercial comes on:

learnin' 'bout birds, bees, bamboo guts, pillow eatin':

Bob Lock said...

Want a free 1986's SF adventure game compiled by me?
Can you unlock the secrets of the ROGUE COMET?

You'll need a Spectrum Emulator:

This has a free 30 day trial (should be enough) and perhaps Neal will be back blogging by then anyway :)

icowdave said...

Just launched: 2013 Worlds Without End Women of Genre Fiction Reading Challenge. 12 books by women authors in 12 months with 12 reviews. We've got 90 readers already signed up! Thanks, Neal.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

preceding Technician/Mr. Crane

Chandan said...

Trying to search and buy Departure in India, but getting a hard time doing it. The literary scene is dominated by romances and all other crap you can literally count on fingers people who read Sci Fi here, yet i will only stick to writing Sci Fi

Chandan said...

I am really going through Peter Hamilton Overdose here

osh said...

Recommend here for Olaf stapledon novels and shorts. Reproduced free by Adelaide university. Not downloaded yet myself but they appear to have lots of out of copywrite works.

Andrew said...

I wonder what he is doing? *nosy*

Neal Asher said...

You'll find out in the next post, Andrew.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

hobbitmen of honerd:

Rob Fisher said...

Aha, open thread. I'm reading Departure, the first Neal Asher book I have read. I'm loving it, BUT: so far it seems to rely a lot on human population growth as the cause of so many problems.

Population growth on its own should be no problem: more brains to solve problems. (Val on Mars seems to understand this.) Where are the 3D farming and hydroponics on Earth?

Of course it is the Committee preventing such innovation. The shortage is caused by a lack of free markets not overpopulation.

So why does Saul keep lamenting the stupid over-breeding human race?

I am hoping he realises all this by the end of the book.

Thezzphai said...

Just leaving this here, a short science fiction movie I stumbled upon, looks pretty good I think

Graeme Finch said...