Sunday, February 17, 2013

Open Thread

Here we go again. Anything you like really...


joshua said...

Well, I'm super stoked your books are finally being easier to obtain in the US!

Phinsxiii said...

I'll second that and say I'm really glad your books are finally starting to show up more in the USA.

Phinsxiii said...

I'll second that and say I'm really glad your books are finally starting to show up more in the USA.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

the music is usually a lot worse on these. the shell clothing is pretty fetching on these cephalopods.


tickle me sloth toe:\

fart hoppin' robots:

find a soul mate:

we have a great plan for this snail farm over the next month; fully powered
backwaste sewer system with neon adspace:\

EXPO'70 - Space age costume, mummyhead in the astronaut outfit:

Jacques Lejeune - Petite Suite (1970)

what doesn't destroy you has already destroyed you:\

feed the babbee:

brainwiper in flaproll:

there is only one way out of German insanity, slow walking with strings tied to
your wrists:

did you see? sky spiders:

cosmic goober tells all in world piece:

took forever for this horror movie to be released:

in their inhuman way, the communicating Bigfoot wish to play with fire crackers
and deer penis:

Neal Asher said...

Well, Joshua and Phinsxiii, Tor US did publish a fair few of them. The annoying thing is that they show no sign of completing on series they started publishing, and I somehow doubt Night Shade Books will take up that baton.

Jezcentral said...

Christ Vaude. Half of your stuff is fascinating, the other half is life I will never get back. Like advertising spend, I'm never sure which half is which! :)

osh said...

Neal, is there a reason why tor us, have gone off the boil (you may not know, or may not be able to say!)

It does seem a bit ridiculous to leave your series hanging!

I'm the internet age - regionalisation of products (DVDs/films For example) is just plain daft.

For your American fans, is

A good idea - free delivery worldwide!

Graeme Finch said...

I'm going to convert an old Vauxhall Movano passenger transport ambulance into a motor home. Then I'm going to live in it. Thanks for letting me share.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

underwater adventure idea stolen straight from Dune

Bsport said...

Neal will you ever revisit the ice aliens found in The Gabble - The Sea of Death?

Neal Asher said...

Bsport, now there's a thought - I'd forgotten about them.

Adrian Leaf said...

I am a big fan of your novels Neal. I just thought I would post a link to a trailer for an amateur Sci-Fi film I made a while back. There should be a link to the full film with the trailer if you are interested.