Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Open Thread

Okay, since I'm going to be away from an internet connection for a while, fill your boots.


Mark T Croucher said...

Have a good trip, hope the weathers a bit more advanced than here.

seskasenni said...

Have a lovely time.

Chrish said...

Amsterdam today: 20
Makri-Gialos today: 16

Chrish said...

Have a safe trip!

Jezcentral said...

Right, you've revisited The Owner, how about The Collector?

Oh yeah, and have a good time! (If such a thing is possible, with no internet connection. :) )

Tony B said...

Yes, have a good time.

Larry said...

Have fun!
Now, what are we all reading? Im halfway thru Analog 2 ed. by John W Campbell then Im gonna pay tribute to Ian M Banks by reading one of his M novels.

xwifflebottom said...

My Dear Friend

I am Vran, first child of Endol of the Prador Homeworld. My father to which I was greatly loyal have been killed in the Prador Fourth Kingdom war. I am on the Homeworld and am unable to access my deceased fathers assets due to new tax levies imposed by the brutal dictator King Vrell.

Mr Asher friend, if you could only wire me the 30,000 New Carth shillings required for me to pay the tax levy I will be able to access my late fathers accounts and will repay your kindness with the equivalent of 1 BILLION New Carth shillings in PRADOR DIAMOND SLATE.

You must appreciate the dire circumstances MR Ashers friend. I will trust in you to reply to me with your bank account number and sort code and look forward to a profitable relationship.

Your everloving friend, Vran.

West Scuttleling, Prador Homeworld

Tony B said...

Larry, I'm currently reading Chaga by Ian MacDonald. I have a large stack of other sci first stuff lining up after it.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

deep throating Baxter's "Exultant". characterizing is flat, but it's a groovy mess of ideas pumped into a space opera setting.

just watched BLACK'S GAME (Iceland drug war), HOUSE HUNTING (exiled to looplive in a house), & UNIVERSAL SOLDIER, Day of Reconning (action movie with PKD brain glitch, clone death fun, loused edits) all decent watches.

anyone chugged this ocean stuff? oh the colors..

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

eye boners:

Boston weirdness:

got stupid? get future, get narrative, get budget, get mediocre, loop it:

Athena said...

I found this the other day, thought it was pretty funny. Looks like the Prador have nothing on the Mantis Shrimp :P