Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Heavy Metal Movie

Interesting stuff here from the Heavy Metal Magazine Fan Page:


Pre-release Information - A $50 million budget 3D CG animated movie based on the magazine.   This probably won't have any stories from the first 1981 movie, however like the first one, it will feature around seven or eight different stories.  Each segment will be directed by a different person.  The title to this movie hasn't been chosen yet.  This current title is just a placeholder. 
Main Crew:
Executive Producer - David Fincher and James Cameron
- Kevin Eastman and Tim Miller
- David Fincher (1 segment)
Director - James Cameron (1 segment)
Director - Zack Snyder (1 segment, a story that Kevin Eastman wrote)
Director - Gore Verbinski (1 segment)
Director - Mark Osborne (1 segment, a comedy with Jack Black)
Director - Tim Miller (1 segment)
Director - Jeff Fowler (1 segment)
Director - Kevin Eastman (tentatively 1 segment)
Director - Guillermo del Toro (tentatively 1 segment)
Director - Rob Zombie (tentatively 1 segment)
Writer - Marc Laidlaw (1 segment)
Writer - Steve Niles (1 segment)
Writer - Joe Haldeman (1 segment)
Writer - Neal Asher (1 segment)
Writer - Kevin Eastman (1 segment, a story that Zack Snyder will direct)
? - Jack Black (a comedy segment that Mark Osborne will direct.  No details on how he's involved, but most likely will be an actor)
? - Jhonen Vasquez (no details on how he's involved, but most likely will be a writer)


I have to wonder about that 'seven or eight' different stories - which ones will be kept and which dumped - since they were working with five of mine...


LarryS said...

Wey hey-I see your name there!
I have heard of this SF Comic(French isn't it?) But the problem is most people will think its about heavy metal music!

Neal Asher said...

If you do a little search you'll find that there have been two Heavy Metal movies (basically starting with old-style animation). Heavy Metal magazine is owned by Kevin Eastman (whose name you see there) of Ninja Turtles fame, and it's American.

Unknown said...

This "exclusive" information is basically just a copy/paste from my site:

And the Rob Zombie "news" is about a year old now.

Jebel Krong said...

really hoping this comes about - supposedly one of the reasons a lot of fincher's recent projects have been held up is one of the top brass at the studio hates him...

still, here's hoping with the success of avatar, we'll see some more (and more "risky") sf projects coming along now.

Neal Asher said...

Okay David, I'll edit to that effect.

Unknown said...

From what I've heard, one of the biggest setbacks for the Heavy Metal movie was to convince a studio to fund an R rated, sci-fi/fantasy. However, now with Cameron involved, and his PG13 Avatar making lots of cash, maybe the studios might be willing to open up a bit.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

Haldeman & Laidlaw, good company. i just hope the soundtrack does these stories some justice.

i thought people loved R rated anything. my mistake.

Neal Asher said...

I very much hope so, David. IF you've seen the stuff Blur Studios have done you'll know how good this could be.

Yep, good company Vaude. No idea about a potential soundtrack.

Colin Meier said...

Ooh. Fincher and Asher.

Neal Asher said...

We'll see, Colin. It's always possible that they'll just dump my stuff and go with something else. I'm not cracking open the Champagne just yet.

Colin Meier said...

Yeah, I realise it's tentative. But they'd be dumb if they didn't use your stuff -- it's incredibly and deliciously visual.

PS. Just finished Orbus - great job. Nice seeing Sniper again!