Wednesday, June 14, 2006

First Post

Stepping onto the learning curve...

Here we go, my first ever blog entry. To be honest I was a bit unsure about starting this since I waste enough time on the Internet anyway, flicking from message board to message board when I really should be turning out words that pay. But blogging seems a way to consolidate in one place all my disparate bullshit.

So who am I? I’m Neal Asher, science fiction writer, one time skip driver, coal man, contract grass cutter, toolmaker, builder, barman and much else besides. So, bearing in mind my background, be warned, this blog is not going to be politically correct, it is not going to necessarily agree with the right, left, bottom, top, middle or upside down. However, I will try to make it interesting…


Alan Campbell said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Neal.

I recommend switching on comment moderation, so you don't get auto-spammed with ads for casinos and so on.

All the Best,


Bob Lock said...


Do you still cut lawns?

Mine's in a helluva mess :P

(kidding, hurry up and finish Polity Agent)


ps I had to do a bloody blog myself to post this, so now I've another thing to drag me away from my writing!

Tony Lee said...

Was going to say... I'm surprised you haven't got a blog sooner, Neal - considering all (thought-provoking!) stuff you've written online, and for BSFA's Focus mag, etc.

I'm also fairly new to blogs, and/ but found the journal format allows for all manner of waffle!

Jose said...

Blogging supplants a lot of other surfing but it doesn't really save you time.

I used to be a publisher myself (albiet in a different industry) and I can safely say that its a far more efficient and powerful tool for connecting to readers than what many of the means publishers and authors have resorted to in the past.

Anonymous said...

excellent. More Neal. this makes me happy.

Neal Asher said...

Thanks Alan - I tried to do that first off, but things were going a bit slow at the time and I got a 'could not find page...' I've done so now, however.

Bob, I've finished Polity Agent and just about finished Hilldiggers. And cut your own grass!

Tony, I dunno about the 'thought provoking'. Maybe just remove the word 'thought'.

Jose, it seems so. I just looked at what I do when I go onto the Internet. I don't look at author's websites, but I do look at their blogs.

Cheers Enoch!

Anonymous said...

Hi Neal,

any chance of turning on the Atom / RSS feed for your blog? Or am I just not capable of finding it?


Neal Asher said...

Hey Duncan, I haven't a clue what you're talking about. Something to do with this?

I can't really find anything about turning it off, let alone on.

Anonymous said...

Neal, re your global warming post, I agree there's been vast amounts of misleading and inconclusive stuff published about this in recent years.

Some scientists are now saying that warming/cooling is largely down to sunspot activity. Which is going to decline from about 2012 onwards... Which means that we may be seeing some serious global cooling in the next decade.

Politicians will then probably start telling us to do our bit for the planet and burn more fossil fuels, to keep the glaciers at bay...

Which would be rather amusing.


PS. Isn't there some sort of "Allow Comments" thing you have to enable, each time you do a blog entry? Couldn't find a "Comment" button for the last couple of entries, that's all..

Neal Asher said...

Alex, I've hit that 'allow comments' thing. Like I said: I'm still learning.

martyn44 said...

Who cares what your politics are? That's between you and the ballot box, same as your religion is between you and her upstairs. If we all agreed, we'd still be sitting on a branch telling each other how good these eucalyptus leaves taste.
Of course, there may be a few 'full and frank exchanges of view' (as we term it in the investigation trade) but light sometime brings illumination.
My lawn would be in a mess too, if I could find it in the vegetation.