Saturday, November 18, 2006

Global warming worse than we thought...

I had to swipe this from Jerry Wright's post on the Asimov's board - amused the hell out of me.

Human induced Global Warming is a worse problem than even Drs. Hansen and Mann have told us. Evidence is accumulating the effects extend solar system wide.

On Pluto:

On Triton:

On Saturn:

On Jupiter:

On Mars:

Wonderful - who realised the sales of SUVs extended so far!


Alex Cull said...

Goes to prove that there is no Martian or Plutonian counterpart of Al Gore. Shouldn't we on Earth be setting a good example to the other, more backward planets? ;-) After all, look what happened to the Venusians.

Anonymous said...

So global warming is a purely natural part of a planet's life and isn't our fault. So it must be the Sun's fault! Perhaps we can persuade the government to turn down the Sun slightly - that should fix the problem.