Wednesday, April 28, 2010

From Crete

News from the Cretan front. Damnit, I put my back out and have been walking about like an 80-year-old for the last three days ... hang on, my apologies to 80-year-olds, my Mother is 83 and gets about a damned sight faster than I have been lately. And no I didn’t do it while digging a hole, nor did I do it while lifting something heavy. As always with this sort of thing I turned at just precisely the wrong angle at the wrong speed in the wrong direction at the wrong phase of the Moon. Or something. Caroline did the same thing last year just sneezing.

I have, therefore, not achieved a great deal of work on the house. I did come up with an idea for getting across our garden, which at present is always in one of two states: dust bowl or mud bath. Here attached is a picture of slabs I’m making from beach stones cast in concrete, in a mould carved from insulating foam. About three-quarters of a bucket of mix goes into each – the remainder I use to cement some more stones on our garden wall around the back.

What else? Still cloudy and cool on some days up in the mountains, though mostly it’s bright sunshine and a temperature above 20. Down in Makrigialos, as ever, the temperature is always a minimum of 4 degrees higher. Did we move to the wrong area? No, later on those living down there will be in mosquito hell and will need the air conditioning on so they can sleep at night. Interesting thing about the mosquitoes: their population explodes with the influx of tourists then, when the tourists go, a huge hungry population of the buggers remains to compete for a much reduced food supply.

Everything is growing madly, the only seeds I’ve planted yet to germinate being chilli and aquilegia seeds. We’ve got radishes, lettuce, rocket, onions and carrots coming up in a raised bed, and in pots and elsewhere: coriander, basils, cherry tomatoes, sweet peas, snapdragons, coleus, lupins, some local succulents (don’t know the name) and various cottage garden mixes (and other stuff I can’t remember right now). I’ve attached pictures of these, along with a picture of one of our garden visitors. You get no sense of scale with that last picture – the little monster is only a centimetre long.


AngryMurloc said...
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vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

shadow of the scorpion.

food supply:

mealworms are in most candy bars already. if it says animal protein...

Graeme said...

Probably soft tissue injury, stop whinging take two paracetamol and call me in the morning.

I'll then repeat the prescription above, and in a few weeks time you'll die after your kidneys fall out your arse. It will be just like having the NHS in Crete.

Woop Woop, :-)

Graeme said...

And talking of Scorpions and Shadows, I just had a week or three with the above named title, and I read the Gabble and other stories as well.

I'm re-reading The Gabble this week between boning up on my camera.

Does anyone else suffer from manualitis comatosis? It doesn't matter if I'm reaaly into something, but the second I open a the manual the third eyelid comes across and Zs start floating out.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

i get parisitis cinemaltosis. i watch a french movie and usually fall asleep.

just saw this great greek movie "Kynodontas" or Dogtooth. its up there with The Celebration, Vistitor Q, or Adam's Apples. gets weirder as the movie goes along.

pretty good review here:

haven't seen in shops anywhere, and doubt if anyone the u.s. is gonna go for this kinda movie in general.

gary said...
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gary said...

hehe, back injuries are not pleasant, i was feeding my axolotls a couple of days ago and as i bent down to pick up a worm something clicked and my back went into spasm...not the most clement of experiencies!