Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chair Addiction.

The image here is courtesy of Sue Carpenter, an SFX reader on Crete (who also got a letter in the previous issue). Thanks for this, Sue.

It is nice to see Tor doing a bit of advertising – something I never saw for my first six or so books. I also noted, when in Britain, how small Tor sections were appearing in book shops across the country.

Still not writing much yet. I’ve no real excuse: visitors never put me off on previous occasions, nor did building work or some of the traumas that accompany living here. I guess, because I’m so far ahead, I’m just being lazy, taking a holiday, but be assured that you’ll still be getting your fix every year. Next Monday I knuckle down again to my 2,000 words a day.

So, after rescuing that first chair I seem to have acquired a bit of a chair habit. Caroline told me that she would quite like a few of the traditional kafenion chairs for up around the ruin and, being the skip diver that I am, I saw a couple in a local tip and immediately grabbed them. I completely disassembled them and out of them am making one complete one. Just a little bit more work to do...

Here also are some further random pictures of the garden, Jim of the excellent breakfast at the Lithos on Makrigialos harbour and my father-in-law revealing his inner alien.


Mya said...

I have attended several SciFi conventions, visited several bookstores, asking vendors for imports of your works as I have obtained the bulk of my collection from ebay only to hear them say that you haven't recieved the publicity you deserve here in the states.

Fuming, as it would be convient for me to grab a copy of "Orbus" without having to pay for royal postage and fees, it occurs to me that Tor is seriously slacking.

While biased, I sincerly hope that they offer you tours, greater distribution and signings in the States...as well as Crete.

But I am prepared for that international shipping fee for getting "Technician" when it comes out.

wintermute said...

for your chairs addiction: "sketchchair"


vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

i've read OLD MAN'S WAR at your recommendation. it's alot like a Heinlein hodge podge with some Fredrick Pohl thrown in the mix.

Brian said...

Hmm, the "chair maker" where have i heard that again.....

(Use of Weapons [1990])