Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Departure Reviews

Here's one at the Fantasy Book Review:

This is not a Polity novel. Anyone expecting that is probably going to find this book a bit of a shock. There are no snarky, gun-toting battle AIs, no planet-vaporizing weapons, and augmented humans are in their earliest phase of evolution. This could well be our world a few years from now. The story is predominantly set on Earth, partly on Mars and the Argus station, all under the dictatorship of the Committee. The top 20% of the population live a life of luxury, while those less ‘useful’ citizens are consigned to ZA – Zero Asset status – to starve in the wastelands of a once-fertile Earth. Say the wrong thing, object to your status, and you’ll find yourself being ‘readjusted’ or sent to the digesters.


paul2978 said...

Hi Neal,

Generally I only read books on the kindle now when will it be available on the Kindle format.

I do love you books and cant wait to get into this one. :)


KJ Mulder said...

Paul, since Neal might not respond in a while I'll give it a go.

The guys at Tor UK has stated that ebooks will be released at the same time as the Hardback goes on sale. That goes for Kindle as well as other formats of the ebook.

The release date for The Departure is the 2nd of September 2011. (Amazon shows it as the 5th).

BTW Neal. Loving the new (to me) Alan Saul character. Remorseless ruthlessness!

Ken said...

Hi Neal

I've received an advance reading copy of this book and it looks very promising. I'm embarrassed to say I probably won't have time to read it before it's too late for a blurb, but I'll review it when I do.

Nuno said...

Great reviews. Must feel great to undergo such an ego massage. Hehe! :))

Neal Asher said...

Well, I hope you enjoy it in whatever format. Of course kindle means I'd need a soldering iron to give you a signature!

K J Mulder, you know me - I love remorselessly ruthless!

I'll certainly be interested in what you have to say, Ken as you pick apart the political subtleties ... that is if I wasn't about as subtle as a brick hammer.

Nuno, I'm sure some ego-stomping will be due.