Tuesday, July 17, 2012

German Sale

I've just been informed by Jon Mitchel at Macmillan (senior rights manager) that the publisher Lubbe in Germany have bought The Technician and The Departure. Excellent stuff! In fact I was wondering only a little while ago what the SOP with Germany was. Anyway they haven’t set publication dates yet but apparently it’s likely they’ll bring out The Technician either next autumn or spring 2014, with The Departure following a year later.


Götz Roderer said...

Can't you speed that up a bit? I don't mind reading your books in english, not exactly, but I deem the translations as quite good and appreciate your books in german language as well. Unfortunately, we are lagging behind by about half an millenium.
Ok. We tend to do that in other regards as well, so no argument here ...
But maybe you can impose a bit of brute, sorry: gentle force?

Neal Asher said...

Hi Gotz, yeah, Lubbe lagged a bit lately but previously they were the one and only foreign publisher that bought some of my books even before I'd written them!