Sunday, June 30, 2013

Poison Study & Magic Study

A week ago I picked up the first of a fantasy series by Maria V Snyder: Poison Study. I started reading it, immediately engaged with the characters and found it was a book I didn’t want to put down. Many other books I read I have little difficulty abandoning when there might be something else to do, like farting about on Twitter and Facebook, playing a game of Candy Crush or going for a swim. This one kept hold of me, and even kept me down on an uncomfortable sun bed when a carafe of wine was calling. I also didn’t feel any need for a break to read something else when I finished it and immediately picked up Magic Study. This was just as good and I polished it off over a couple of days. I’ve now stuck Fire Study in my backpack and am looking forward to starting that.


laurenlibrarian said...

I enjoyed this series very much, although I think the first book is the best. The funny thing is, one of the countries in the series is called Sitia, so when you mention Sitia in your blog I always get this weird little deja vu twinge just before I remind myself that obviously Neal Asher is not visiting a magical fantasy land, but a real place that happens to have the same name. : )
Looking forward to reading about Penny Royal!

Neal Asher said...

Imagine how I felt reading that for the first time. She calls a language Ilias too, which is rather Greek. I wonder if she's been here to Crete.

Didn't enjoy the last book as much as the previous two - seemed hurried and not so well thought out - but still enjoyed it nevertheless.