Friday, August 02, 2013

Day 16

Well, it’s strange to realize that it has now been two weeks and two days since I smoked a cigarette. I am also finding it difficult to say that I have given up smoking when I’m puffing on an e-cig. It’s far too much like the real thing and using it has made giving up the real thing far too easy. But face facts: while vaping I’m now just taking in nicotine, water vapour and glycol. It is also the case that I’m naturally taking in less and less nicotine as time goes on. Today, for example, I chewed a 4mg nicotine gum in the morning and now at gone midday haven’t felt the need for anything else.

Now, about the e-cig: the thing may have its adverse effects. The glycerin or propylene glycol dries out your mouth and your throat and, since using the thing, I’ve had a ‘bit of a throat’ – that feeling you get when you’ve either smoked too much or have a cold coming on. I’ve also been wheezy a few times and have found myself coughing up phlegm. However, I wrote ‘may’ for a reason. I recently read an article detailing similar effects from an e-cig and how, after a couple of weeks, they die off, but I’m also aware that in stopping smoking my susceptibility to colds and other bugs has gone up, and that, after decades of smoking, wheezing and coughing are going to be constant companions for some time yet. In essence all the symptoms I'm feeling might have nothing to do with the e-cig at all.

Update: I've just learned something. If any of you have got the same e-cig as me with the EVOD battery you need to know that the battery has to be turned on. You click the button five times within two seconds to do that.  


daniel ware said...

Likely that it just takes your body a few weeks to adjust? Hence side effects are temporary, I hope.

Graeme Finch said...

Keep a glass of water handy or have a brew on hand when you're having a vape. Or maybe just have some normal gum or fruit flavour sweets about to get the saliva running again. Whatever works, gotta be better than the other. And the cycling will mitigate the breathing issues in pretty short order.

bascule said...

Got mine this morning. Exactly the same as yours. I did need Google to get it turned on. I got the 11mg liquid and will only really use it when I'm having a drink or a coffee so hopefully the dry mouth won't be too much of an issue. Just ordered some Isopropyl alcohol to clean the little beggar.

Josef K said...

We're all different, but for me at first I got coughs from high VG liquids and a runny nose from PG. I've since settled on a 70/30 mix (PG/VG) and all is now well. Graeme is right about having a drink handy, too.
Also bear in mind that there will be effects felt from giving up the smoked tobacco... again people are different but mine hit on the fortnight mark and then again after four weeks - coughing for a while, mostly, and not just when vaping - but now all clear.
From my experience, all told, clear-sailing from 4 weeks with all the benefits of being a non-smoker, the satisfaction of maintaining a tasty nicotine habit, and the geekytechyhobbyness of vaping gear. What's not to like? :D

Anonymous said...

PS Good luck with Vaping!

Neal Asher said...

Daniel, as I said in the post it could be either, however I now recollect a low level sore throat last time I tried giving up and no vaping was involved.

Cup of tea usually for me Graeme ... until I open a bottle. As for my lungs I think they're in pretty good nick with the miles of swimming. This is why I wanted to stop now, before it's too late.

Bascule, I might cut down as time goes on but I didn't want to risk going in too low at the start and failing. Then again I might not cut down at all ... ahem ... I did just order some bottles of 24mg Old Holborn flavour e-liquid.

Josef, it seems to be getting better every day. I've also knocked other NRT on the head now too. And yes, techy vaping gear, tasty nicotine without the ill effects is fine by me. I watch and wait with interest for the rabid anti-smoking ideologues and stupid politicians to fuck it all up.