Monday, December 02, 2013

A Plea to Vapers Everywhere


Northern Fop said...

There's a letter in the FT today extolling the benefits of vaping in moving smokers to ex-smokers.

It's signed by about 25 senior medical academics from across Europe.

Let's see how 'evidence led' this government really is. I'm not holding my breath.

Neal Asher said...

Quite: holding your breath would be inadvisable.

Leg-iron said...

It's no conspiracy theory. The Pharmers can't patent tobacco, only the means of delivery. Their gum tastes like a syphilitic badger's arse and the patches only work if you stick one over each eye so you can't find your fags.

Electrofags work, for those who want to move from smoking, but the Pharmers can't patent them. Too late, so their only alternative is to get rid of them. Not a conspiracy theory - it's how all big business operates.

Even tobacco companies. Try setting one up now. There's so much legislation and such high costs that the big boys can afford, but a new startup never could. The Pharmers are no different. Neither is anybody else. I've seen a huge Tesco wipe out small high street shops here in a few years.

Forget the MPs, they are not listening. Grow tobacco and extract your own e-juice. They can't ban glycerine or propylene glycol, these are simple food additives.

I've started working on an extraction, one that does not involve horrible solvents, and others started on this way before I have.

Then all you need is a battery, a little heater and a mouthpiece.

Vapers have one advantage. You've seen what they did to smokers, you can see what's coming for you now. You have the chance to deal with the problem before it happens.

I don't think you can stop it. What you can do, and fairly easily, is find a way around it.

Neal Asher said...

Excellent comment, Leg-iron.