Friday, December 05, 2014

A Wander about Hastings

I took a few days off to visit a friend in Hastings. This visit involved chatting, supping some red wine and walking for miles in the rain. I took a few snaps around the area to give my new camera a try out. Not bad considering the crappy light.

Not quite sure why this one isn't right. Maybe water on the lens.

I suspect these pillars are cast iron. Mega-scale Victoriana.

It was all very dull and wet and cold and the red wine breaks a requirement. All slightly boring for some readers of this blog, but not all readers of it are British.


Bascule the Rascule said...

Not boring at all Neil, considering I live there :)
I hope you walked up the West Hill, instead of cheating by car or funicular railway....

Neal Asher said...

Walked everywhere. Probably about 6 miles all told - from St. Leonard's first. My boots started leaking too.

Neil said...

How are you finding getting out and about in the UK, considering the high levels of activity while in Crete?

Are you spending more time in doors.

I like some of Hastings, but it tends to be a bit gray when I tend to come down there, which probably colours my view slightly.

Unknown said...

Greetings Mr Asher.
I am enjoying the pics on your site of your trips and would love to go to Crete myself.
I live in Surrey, BC, Canada and am finding your novels very entertaining and listen to them in audio format so I can "Enjoy" my rush hour commutes. I am about finished the second Polity story. For the life of me I cannot find Gridlinked in audio format, checked with Amazon etc but to no avail. Has Gridlinked been read into audio format? If so could you inform me where I might get it from?
Cheers, and keep up the great writing
Wayne Kelley

Neal Asher said...

I'm spending more time indoors, Neil. It's nowhere near as pleasant walking here, and its much colder, both of which have the knock on effect of making it more tiring. I'm also trying to knuckle down more to the job I get paid for.

It is quite likely that there is no audio book of Gridlinked, Wayne. The ones that are being taken by Start/Skyhorse Publishing are the ones being done, while Gridlinked and a few others were taken by Tor US. Perhaps someone can correct me if I'm wrong about that.

Unknown said...

hi Neal - just wondered if you received my response, not sure if the programme i used was the same as yours... Ian