Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Sauce Two.

Right, while planning out the various things I was going to do today, I picked my latest crop of chillies. I then weighed the total and realised I had enough for one batch of chilli sauce (check the recipe 2 posts back).

As a result my planned hour of Greek reading, my aim to write out something, and my intention to head down to Makrigialos all went out the window. Because it was time to make sauce. 

This is one lot made, though I suspect I’ll be boiling it all again and adding cornflour because it’s not quite thick enough.

Meanwhile, for those who come here for news about writing, I dispatched War Factory back to Macmillan. I’m told there’s yet another load of editing then to be done… *sigh*

Chilies chillies chillies…


Jezcentral said...

Another round of edits? You've always struck me as one of the more fastidious writers, and this still happens? (Mind you, I find the cheap-and-cheerful self-published sci-fi unreadable, due to all the spelling/grammatical mistakes, as well as the plain awful writing, so I'm immensely grateful for all this effort.)

Matt Brown said...

Love a good chilli sauce, I was always told to remove the seeds though. Long live capsaicin.

Roger Politis said...

Hi, I discovered your work this summer, and started reading from the first book down on my Kindle, while on vacation in my house in Crete. And now I see in your blog that you most probably have a house in Crete as well. Is that crazy, or what? Not next door mind you, Makrigialos being not exactly next door to Rethymno, but still... Crete, man!
Anyway, the way I'm going through this, you should REALLY be finishing something around January, cause I'll be running out of books right about then!
Take care,

uncletigger said...

Hey mate. You can just put it in an open pot and simmer it for a couple of hours too, to thicken it up. I grow Capsicums, cucumbers and cauliflowers, just so I can make jars and jars of Mustard Pickle with them. Nothing beats food you can grow yourself.