Sunday, October 18, 2015

30,000 Words Done

Okay, time for an update here. The weather has turned a bit nicer so it’s been warm enough down in Makrigialos for kayaking, and not yet cold enough up here in the mountains for me to light my stove. Well, I did light it a couple of times but that was due to lack of adaptation on my part, and lack of food inside me to fuel the burners. The house temperature never got below 21, which is what I have my heating set at back in England.

But kayaking, or walking, or trips down to the coast have not been my main aim over the last weeks. I’ve been aiming to write my 2,000 words a day 5 days a week no matter what and that I’ve achieved. This weekend I have 30,000 words of a new book done (first draft obviously) and I’m pretty damned happy about that. Since my books thus far have ranged from 125,000 to 175,000 words that’s a respectable chunk. One more week at this rate and I can say I’m a quarter of the way there. But are they good words? Is this good writing? That’ll be for you to judge.

The ideas are kicking in now. I’ve been teasing readers on Facebook with some mentions of what I’m doing. Thus far I’ve mentioned Old Captains, Dragon, Orlandine, assassin drones, Jain tech, a wormship and a legate… Those of you who have read all of my stuff might get some intimation of where I am with this. I’m starting to see that maybe there’ll be three or more books in this but, for now, I’ll just write and run with the story, and its inevitable twists.

So all is good here in Papagiannades!


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Brian said...

Nice! Glad to see you're not only writing again but seeming to be really back in the flow. (And yes, that's partially selfish--I want more of your work to read!--but mostly not.)

Martin Sommerfeld said...

Sounds good, glad to hear this. :)

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bhhenry said...

Great news, indeed.

Looking up "Orlandine," I found an interesting fan site called earth Central: "Earth Central aims to be an unofficial encyclopedia on everything in Neal Asher's Polity universe and his other works."