Saturday, November 18, 2017

New Publisher for Gridlinked, Brass Man and The Skinner

Good news for US readers:
"I'm pleased to confirm that Skyhorse and Start Media would love to publish Gridlinked, The Skinner, and Brass Man - Skyhorse to release in paperback and audio, and Start in Ebook. Skyhorse will aim to release in paperback next summer but the good news is that Start can make the ebooks available pretty much as soon as we've taken care of the paperwork. That shouldn't take long so hopefully the ebooks will be available in the new year."
Release dates to be confirmed.


The Physicist said...

I don't suppose we are going to see a publisher announced for a sequel to Cowl any time soon?

Roger Schweingruber said...

Hey Neal

Finally (Germany) did manage to have your books for us Swiss/German guys as well. Narrated by Peter Noble and Ric Jerrome... we have now available (newly added)

- Gridlinked
- Prador Moon
- The Line of Polity
- Infinity Engine
- Dark Intelligence
- War Factory
- The Line War
- Polity Agent
- Brass Man
- The Gabble - and other Stories
- Cowl
- Hilldiggers
- The Technician
- Shadow of the Scorpion

I believe audible.DE has now all your audiobooks as well... #happy_day :)

Neal Asher said...

The physicist: Not anytime soon. Things get increasingly tangled in time travel stories, as those working on Terminator sequels have found out!

That is good news Roger.