Friday, September 21, 2018

Limitless - Netflix Series

I watched the first season of this all the way through. It was enjoyable so I give it that. However, I couldn’t help but feel that the whole thing was dumbed down. It rapidly transformed into the usual ‘bright guy helps the police’. It would often begin to explore stuff that was deeper and more interesting then, all of a sudden, go into fast reverse. It also made huge efforts to be ‘less serious’ and displayed the super-brained main character as a bit of an idiot. It occasionally brought in some up-to-date science, like optogenics, and an ‘immortal’ mouse, but then rapidly backed away from exploring these in any depth. The realities of withdrawal and side-effects were looked at, then later on the subject of withdrawal was kind of dropped where convenient. It was as if, all the way through, some executive in charge was saying, ‘No, don’t go there – the audience of this show is thick.’


Skullsdirect said...

Got to say The Expanse has been the best and strongest science fiction in ages.

Bystroushaak said...

My feelings exactly.

Unknown said...

Well yes, their never seems to be directors or who understand sci-fi, and can treat it seriously. The Expanse was great, if kind of truncated, but that took the actual writers to pull off. You would hope that Netflix would try a bit harder unfortunately most of the stuff they develop is safe, scripted and shlocky... Had hopes for Ridley Scott but 25 years of Alien have kind of changed my mind. We need a Hitchcock or Lucas of sci-fi... And no Lucas does Pirate movies.