Thursday, July 16, 2020

The Owner Series Reissues

Here are the reissued covers of the Owner series. Not sure when these will be available but, they will be. I rather likes them.

The Departure

Zero Point

Jupiter War


Bookstooge said...

I like the little byline for each title. I do have to admit that I prefer the sleeker robot thingies on the previous book covers, even while these are probably a lot more realistic to what was described.

Are these mmpb or ebook, or something else?

Götz said...

Nice! Raises the questions, why german translations stopped with "The Departure" and most of the older books never have been available as ebooks ... I am able to read them in english, but I actually liked the translations, and I am sure a lot of people miss out your great books.

Geoffrey said...

Nice! I enjoy contemplating the covers immensely.

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