Monday, July 03, 2006

Nanny Government

Further warnings from nanny government. Hospitals have to prepare for an influx of boiled lobsters and additional to the warnings about what to drink and what not to drink, people are being told to stay indoors during the hottest part of the day. Now, really, those who work outside have a lot more tolerance of the sun than others and a better idea of how to handle it. Everyone else works inside and is unlikely to be out in the sun for any serious length of time at midday. Save the warnings for government ministers - they're the only ones who can afford to play croquet on their lawns during the working week.

Admittedly there will be those who'll get broiled out of stupidity, and those whose present health problems will be exacerbated. My annoyance is with government trying to appear so concerned. Well, maybe if they were so concerned about those in the latter case they wouldn't have castrated the police so that pensioners now, even in this heat, keep their windows closed out of fear. Maybe if they hadn't raided pension schemes for tax and allowed council tax to be bumped up those same pensioners would be able to afford to buy themselves electric fans.


Alex Cull said...

I suppose the fewer people there are in hospital with skin cancer and heatstroke, the less money the government will see fit to divert to the NHS. And that means more for other things, such as those all-important pay rises. Not that I'm cynical or anything..

Kirby Uber said...

"Admittedly there will be those who'll get broiled out of stupidity,"

right but, you know, fair play to them.

evolution does try its best... and we keep fighting it. let nature take the stupid, i say.

Neal Asher said...

Kirby, you beat me to it. That was goig to be the subject of my next post. I'll have to think of something else now.

Kirby Uber said...

aww, i'm sorry. and dissapointed. you would have said so much better... 8)