Tuesday, April 22, 2008

10p Tax Rate

It’s really enjoyable watching Brown and Darling squirming over this 10p tax rate furore and you have to ask yourself how Brown, lauded as a wonderful chancellor, managed to fuck up so badly. Well Brown started fucking up the moment he stepped into that job when he sold off a lump of our gold reserves to finance ideological change. He’s presided over a massive expansion of bureaucracy, pissed billions up the wall, overcomplicated the tax system and gone low-profile when any shit has been heading towards the fan. Don’t expect him to do any different now he is in the Mugabe-like unelected position of head honcho.

The Labour Party, once the champion of the working classes now doesn’t give a fuck about them. It is concerned with trying to push bankrupt ideology of the kind that classifies lazy welfare scroungers and criminals as victims, and anyone working and generating income as a cash cow. But the main concern of those presently in power is staying in power and gathering more power to themselves. Okay, so at a certain wage level some are paying £200 more each year, but they can get it back in tax credits! This is about making the citizens of this country clients of the state: we’ll take money off you but if you ask us nicely and do precisely what we say, we might give you a little back.

Then again, maybe not, since they’ve thrown a 100 billon at Northern Rock, 50 billion at other banks, and will be throwing over 20 billion at the Olympics. And that’s on top of all this lot (note the large pink chunk better named the 'feckless fund'):

(oh, as an aside, who thinks of Black Adder upon hearing the Chancellor’s name, and who else doesn’t think some of these Labour MPs appropriately named what with the man of straw and Ed Balls-up?)


Olaf said...

They're desperate to get back some votes from the people who work. They've figured out that the millions on benefit are so fucking lazy now that they are unlikely to vote at all unless they get bussed to the polls and told to vote for labour and get a £5. So now it's a change of tack and an attempt to show people who work that Labour doesn't want to take all there money. But as usual for Labour it's not been thought through and is just another fag packet idea which is currently going down the shitter.

If you work and earn over £18k you're still worse off under these bastard because whatever they don't take this time through income tax they'll claw back through road tax, fuel duty or something else. If you earn less that 18k then they have you just where they want you trapped in Browns socialist wonderland only having what money he lets you have.

Those panicking labour back bench fucktards didn't make much noise protesting against this when they thought that they were safe in their seats. Now that the blinkers are well and truly off they run round like headless chickens saying whatever it takes to stay on the gravy trains.

Well I hope to see those fuckers walking past my house to the DSS soon, I dream of seeing the bailiffs banging on their doors.

It's taken long enough but hopefully we've seen the back of Zanulabour for a long time.

The Labour party is currently insolvent anyway. If they were a company they would have gone into liquidation. Why else are they so keen on state funding of political parties?

Cameron is a toadying little cunt too but better him than Brown.

Bob Lock said...

It made me so mad I wrote a sonnet about it and sent it to the BBC website, but nothing came about so I'm going to put it here if you don't mind. Your blog is probably seen by more people anyway :)

Ode to taxation

Oh woeful me whose tax was once ten pence
Why does my government treat me so mean?
My wringing hands, tears, brook no recompense
Change meat and veg for stale bread? Oh my spleen!
Connoisseur no more of the best cuisine
A shadow of myself will I become?
Resort to eat a steak of soya bean?
Prescott bulimia? Not me my son!
For me food costs too much to eat then shun
So what is left for all the lowest paid?
What light might shine at yonder tunnel's end?
From Darling's hand can we wrest this fierce blade?

Or do we wait 'til next year's case of red?
And hope it will find us alive, not dead...

This is a 'sort' of Spenserian sonnet (sorry, Edmund Spenser!) using the abab, bcbc, cdcd, ee rhyming scheme and ten syllables.

daniel said...

i couldn't agree more with that entire post neal. labour has done more to f*ck up this country than any other government in recent history - probably since the last time they were in power, actually (and that was, thankfully, before my time).

Neal Asher said...

I can't attribute the quote at the minute, but someone noted how, after the Conservatives had been in power for so long, we needed a Labour win so as to remind people just how bad life can be under a Labour government. The real problem, of course, is that a congenitally stupid portion of the the population voted them in for a second term so that they could thoroughly fuck-over the country. It will take years for Britain to recover from the rule of these pillocks, if it ever does. Of course they'll blame all our woes on the 'credit crunch'. Well crunches like that don't hurt so much if you haven't pissed all your savings up the wall and are living in your overdraft.

dave hutchinson said...

I dunno about gathering more power to themselves. The local elections are coming up in just over a week; I reckon they'll think themselves fortunate not to lose every seat they have.

Chris said...

Brown has lost the election - when we have one. Unfortunately, we'll end up with "Dave" Cameron in charge, a man like Blair who decides Conservative policy depending on well the wind blows when he wakes up in the morning.

If we're not careful, this is the sort of environment which favours the BNP.