Monday, July 05, 2010

Sent by Mobile

Here's a picture sent by mobile ... can anyone read the note above?


Ricardo said...

I may be mistaken but that shade of brown is quite appropriate!

peterxyz said...

Please find enclosed the dust jacket
for The Voyage of the sable Keech
- I think its ... fantastic!

Best wishes Catherine

peterxyz said...

** guessing wildly **

Mark T Croucher said...

I tried blowing it up in photoshop whilst saying aloud (track right 30 and enlarge) a la Bladerunner, but alas it didn't work quite like Bladerunner.

Unknown said...

Wow I couldnt get the script with photoshop , very impressive if you can peter.
Just wanted to post a thank you neil, ripped through a few hundred pages of line war last night and I am still amazed at your awesomeness. It was a wet night on call in casualty so reasonably quiet. Hope you come visit south africa some time, if you like greece SA will blow your mind

ILTYT_Adventure said...

It says stop fucking around and write another book Asher.

LarryS said...

I cannae read it jim, its too small!

LarryS said...

I got it I got it, but how do I show my pic with unfargled text?

Neal Asher said...

Rich, keech like Stacy Keech, not that damned scottish keek!

Only after posting this, Peterxyz, did I realise it was from Caroline's parents and just something I received in the post.

I am Graeme, I am.

Xanares said...

Dear Neal,

Please find enclosed the new cover for "The Voyage of the Sable Keech" - I think it looks fantastic.

best wishes

ps: write moar books!

ILTYT_Adventure said...

You have some grace time, I'm re-reading or re-read in this order.

Cowl: So much better second time through. And an absolute candidate for a film. You ought to write to that Danny Boyle geeza and give him a copy to wet his whistle.

Polity Agent: you don't realise how much you miss first time through.
Line War: Starting it again next week.

So you have a fortnight :-)

LarryS said...

Neal did you get the email I sent with the pic?