Monday, September 06, 2010

More on the Ruin.

Work basically came to a halt during a very hot August and while we were waiting for the doors and windows arrived. Now the have:


Jebel Krong said...

very nice colouring - goes well with the stonework. why so many hinges on the door?

the place is coming along very nicely :)

Spencer said...

having not been on here 4as long, iv gone back and checked out most of your villa pictures, looks brill mate. when its finished you should stage your own photo's like the opening scene from sexy beast, if you've seen it :) But yes, a real nice place hope theres not huge amounts of work left for you

bascule said...

When you get the bed in let us know and we'll form an orderly queue.

Me first!!!

Neal Asher said...

Because it's got an upper section that opens independently, Jebel.

Not much left now, Spencer, just tiles and toilet etc.

Bascule, I've yet to install the bars over the windows.

Anonymous said...

Are you planing on locking your artist in there, forcing him to bring your twisted monsters to life?