Monday, February 11, 2008

Writing News Update

Okay, that’s a wrap. Gardner Dozois has accepted a story for his New Space Opera II. It’s called Shell Game, involves the Polity and another new set of rather nasty aliens. Other news: I’ve just sent off the short story collection to Macmillan. Some of you will have read some of the stories since they are ones that have appears in Asimov’s, Interzone and various ‘Year’s Best’ collections, but I guarantee none of you will have read them all. Here’s a list of the stories, which may be subject to change:
1. Softly Spoke the Gabbleduck
2. Putrefactors
3. Another England
4. Garp and Geronamid
5. The Sea of Death
6. Alien Archaeology
7. Acephalous Dreams
8. The Veteran
9. Snow in the Desert
10. Strood
11. Choudapt
12. Adaptogenic
13. The Gabble
At some point, when I can easily work out how to change an Adobe image to a jpg I’ll put up the cover here with its seriously weird gabbleduck picture.
Addition: Here's something I probably haven't mentioned. You can go listen to one of these stories over here at Escape Pod!


Andy said...

Do you have access Photoshop? If so File > Open [Adobe Image]. Then File > Save As [Chose JPEG from the drop down file type menu!] It couldn't be easier.

If you don't have Photoshop just download and install "The Gimp" (dont ask me why they called it that) an open source (FREE!) program that has many of the functions of Photoshop.

novawasp said...

Open the pdf press print screen. Paste into an image editing application. Glad to see you back good luck with Crete. Looking forward to Orbus and the short

Mark Chitty said...

Mmm, nice. From memory I can only say for sure that I've read Adaptogenic, although I've probably read others too.

As for converting from Adobe, if all else fails just print screen and paste into a graphics package!

Any idea on a release date at all Neal - it'll give me something else to look forward to this year :)

Neal Asher said...

Thanks guys! Got it sorted.

Anonymous said...

Hi Neal

Any idea yet when this is due out?

Neal Asher said...

I'm not entirely sure, George.

Anonymous said...

Great news about the new anthology - I've been looking for some of those stories for years!

Line War is coming out 4th April 2008 in the UK, will it be published on the same date over here in the States? Amazon's listing is a little ambiguous.