Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Success! I actually managed to clean out the printer cartridge, refill it and get it all working again (though for how long I don't know). Really I should confine myself to a monochrome laser printer then I just wouldn't have such problems. I don't bother printing off photographs or much else of the like. However, I always like to print off bookmarks like these shown here - a combination of advertising and calling card. There must be thousands of these scattered around the world now.


Anonymous said...

i know i got a few signed ones like those from when i bought a bunch of personalized books from ya.

and i just had to throw away my printer (was around 10 years old tho so not too upset).

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

i'll take a few, they will work when i can't get another copy of the Skinner from the used book store/i'm always passing it to touring acts.

speaking of skinning, i suppose you don't get the serial killer as super hero show over there "Dexter". a main person in this season is a fella, as tall as my knee, who rips skin off live people. you can let your fantasy elf filled mind run wild at what name they picked to call him.