Friday, November 28, 2008

Wot No Books?

My thanks to the staff at Forbidden Planet for having me there signing books again (and providing sandwiches, cake and tea). Not a vast attendance, but more than made up for by the enthusiasm of those who did turn up. I also signed plenty of stock so if you're after a signed copy you can order one here, just put in a search with my name - it would also be worth checking because I know they have signed copies of those shown here but not marked as signed.

Nice also to meet Julie Crisp, senior commissioning editor at Tor/Pan Macmillan and Chloe Healy the press officer there. Also great to see Simon Kavanagh and Peter Lavery, as always.

Sorry to have missed any of the usual crowd afterwards - the Angel was packed so we went to the Phoenix Club. Maybe this coming April when The Shadow of the Scorpion comes out?


Danacea said...

Dear Lord, Neal, did you *have* to put that picture on your page??!! *grins!*

Good to see you as always - thank you for coming down and scribbling like a fiend for us :)

Mark Croucher said...

Cannot believe it, I'm such a pleb.

I was convinced it was this Saturday not midweek, I didn't look at the day when it was announced.

So sorry I missed you again, I will make every effort to get my signed copy of The Shadow of the Scorpion next year.

All the best for Xmas and New Year to you and the family.

Nik Butler said...

another of my Favourite writers and I miss it. note to self must automate the @danacea Neal Asher thread some how !