Thursday, November 26, 2009

Forbidden Planet

I went to London yesterday to see Julie Crisp and Chloe Healey (commissioning editor and press officer) at Macmillan yesterday so, beforehand, popped into Forbidden planet to sign some of my books. They had a stack of about 100 to 150 for me to wade through (including ones with the new covers like the one here) so if you want a signed copy, keep checking out their website here - my signed copies aren't up on it yet.

Another place for signed copies is Chelmsford. There's about forty books divided between the two branches of Waterstones and the W H Smiths there.


Jebel Krong said...

well i have all your newer ones at home still to be signed, neal so come southend way! ;-)

Neal Asher said...

We'll, if I do go down that way and I remember I'll let you know. Not that far from you anyway -- Maldon.