Monday, November 30, 2009

Video Clip

Well, I did my first video clip a few posts ago and have been thinking on what to do next. Just prior to this I've posted an interview from Death Ray Magazine. Interviews generally demonstrate the interest of the interviewer (if any) and what he thinks might interest his audience, and he won't necessarily get that right. So, why don't we dispense with the interviewer sitting between me and you? YOU ask me questions. Put them here in the comments section and once I've compiled enough I'll do another video clip to answer them, if I can, if they're not to personal or abusive!


Andy said...

I really enjoyed reading the future vision of Maldon in "Cowl" (I used to live there)..

Do you plan to use other locations in Essex, or anywhere else on this planet for that matter, in your future books? Polity canon or otherwise...

Anonymous said...

Following a similar path as above...

Apart from the Owner Series you're starting (and Cowl) do you think you'll write more novels in new settings or stick mainly to the Polity?

Anonymous said...

After reading Engineer I began hoping for the Owner Series, only for you to say you were starting on it. About how many books can we look forward to? Also, can we look forward to any more Polity stories? Perhaps an ending where the line between man and AI finally crumbles?

Taylor said...

When you first started writing short stories how did you begin? Did you start with a basic plot and character or did you just sit down and start writing to see what comes out? Is this process different from writing a novel or novella? How much outlining or planning ahead is involved?

Neal Asher said...

Wow, keep 'em coming! I won't, unfortunately, be providing answers for at least a week - we're having a new bathroom fitted and I don't fancy sitting in a room by myself talking to my laptop whilst builders are carting debris past the door!

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

pick up a random book behind you and say why you still hang on to it in your collection.

(bonus round*talking about Harry Harrison gets you 10 points also).

which kind of weaponry have you used in the past besides shuriken?

packrat54 said...

Are there any supporting characters in your stories that you think would make a good storyline of their own? I can think of one from the Cormac series for a particular reason or two, there are many others of course. Orson Scott Card managed very well going in a couple of directions from Ender's Game.

Unknown said...

Hello Neal

We spoke over email recently, was surprised to get a response (I am Brian). I thought I would post my questions here where you suggested.

Bare in mind I have only read Orador moon at this point but am getting The Shadow of the Scorpion today. So you might already have covered this.

My question.

Regarding Augmentation, have you have considered going the other route ? Eg biological implants.

Some thoughts on it.

I have read about development of biological batteries and other bio mechanical devices over the last 10 years and whilst none seem to have caught on. It seems to me that they would be more friendly to the human body than actual circuitry and those more successful in the end. Once the tech is developed.

The mechanics of the human brain is chemical after all, so it should be entirely possible to have a bio chemical computer in the form of a glan that grows over time and increases its own capacity as it does so.

The idea of an implanted device growing and becoming better and better as it does so is an interesting concept I think.

Regarding connections with traditional circuitry. I think lesson here will be learned from todays USB connections. Those ports on computers that you can hook up printers, cameras, and your mobile phone too.

All the best.

A New Fan.

Neal Asher said...

"The idea of an implanted device growing and becoming better and better as it does so is an interesting concept I think."

Giskard, I've given a brief answer to your question on the next video blog but, with the above, you've nailed something that happens in THe Departure. Nice one!

Unknown said...

Thanks Neal, like think Scifi is about exploring how such things and how they effect our lifes. So I'll look forward to that. The misses just walked in with the Shadow of the scorpion so I'll disappear and have a read of that. Thanks again.