Thursday, November 12, 2009

More Orbus Stuff

There were a few reviews I had intended to mention here before but, operating out of an Internet cafe for the last eight months, I found it difficult to put together the information to post here. Next year I'm going to definitely have Internet out in Crete, despite the cost.

Okay, first up has to be this one over at Walker of Worlds (Mark Chitty) . It being 10/10 I guess you can understand why I like it. Then there's Meirion's review over at Book Geeks which is gratifying because here's a first-time reader of my stuff.

But, if these are far too nice for you, go find the Strange Horizons review of Orbus, for the 'this is shit because he's not politically correct, the book is bloated and he's a crap writer'.


Swainson said...

I suspect the Strange Horizons review has a place in your heart because someone noticed you aren't pc and loving it!!

So can we expect regular posts for a while now?

Michael Stone said...

Each to his own, but that Strange Horizon reviewer bored me to tears. I gave up halfway down the page. .

Those who can -- do. Those who can't -- bitch.

Neal Asher said...

Swainson, yes you can expect regular postings now and, maybe with a brief hiatus in April, ever afterwards. I'm going to ensure an Internet connection in Crete as well -- it's something I can't afford not to have, especially when being without it led me to missing an email from the 'Editorial Talent Relations Director' at Ubisoft. Bugger.

Michael, I only dipped into the review for a bit, just enough to know what it was all about. If I'd read it all it would only have pissed me off more. Thing is, reviews are subjective not really objective, and when a reviewer either likes or dislikes a book, he can always find something in the 140,000 words dumped in his lap to support his case.

Mark Chitty said...

Thanks for the link Neal - muchly appreciated. As I said in my review, hugely enjoyable and I really liked the change in style - it worked well.

As for the SH review, I think it's just a case of personal biase and, dare I say it, literary elitism, on the part of the reviewer. Plus I just don't think they get what is popular in sci-fi today.

Neal Asher said...

"Plus I just don't think they get what is popular in sci-fi today."

Which is probably why they're tax-exempt and donation funded.

Matthew Whyte said...

Just to let you know that I'm most of the way through and enjoying it immensely (as with all your books). I was particularly impressed yesterday to come across the phrase 'insolent crustaceans' - something I don't think I've ever heard, or even imagined before :)