Saturday, July 20, 2013

Obsessively Busy

Having tried to give up smoking before I’m aware of the pitfalls so will be avoiding any form of alcohol for a few months. On the ‘doing stuff’ front I haven’t stopped. Yesterday began with a shopping trip to Tesco and then Maldon, Caroline’s visit to the doctor and then to St Peter’s to give blood for testing, then back home. Here I potted up some plants we’d bought which also led into me cleaning out our composter and spreading it round the garden. I next went out to the garage to check on my bike. After a little bit of thought I decided to reinstate Caroline’s bike with the pieces I’d taken from it for mine, and throw mine away. This I duly did, taking my bike, in pieces, and dropping it off at the local junkyard. While in the garage I’d noticed how messy it was so returned with a dustpan and brush. I then pulled out my weights and in between weight-training sets swept up all the crap.

Incidentally, while in Tesco’s we bought a couple of Vapesticks which seem pretty good and on the basis of which I ordered the kits.

Today’s jobs: when I moved the composter I noticed how ratty the wall of the garden shed looked, so I’ll be staining that before the composter goes back. I’ll then have a tidy of the garden cutting out dead and excess growth and dumping it in the composter. At some point I need to take apart my shaver to see if I can fix it – when I turned the thing on yesterday I couldn’t turn it off again and it sent an hour or more sitting in the sink buzzing. I need to clean out and sort my toolkit, like I did my bedside cabinet drawer yesterday (some oil capsules had burst in the bottom leaving a horrible sticky mess). Glancing around I see other things that need tidying up and sorting out. I may even go out and have another weight-training session, though I need to be careful not to overdo that. Then there’s a synopsis for Isobel (Penny Royal 1) that Bella Pagan would like by the 24th…  

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Lauris M said...

Smoking is like meditation "time with yourself".
Sadly many times lots of side effects take place.

Nothing beats cigarette break during busy day, human can not stop and be with himself for 5 minutes without it.