Saturday, July 27, 2013

Other Stuff

Right, fuck that shit – it’s starting to get a bit whiny on this blog. Let me waffle about some other stuff. You all probably know about the upshot of the Night Shade Books saga and how their lists were bought up by Start & Sky Horse Publishing (the former is ebooks the latter the paper version) but what I haven’t mentioned here is how Jarred Weisfeld of Start was determined to buy up my backlist. Those books not taken on by Tor US were being sold as ebooks in the US by Tor UK (yeah, gets confusing doesn’t it). This was, incidentally, something Tor UK weren’t going to do because a US publisher might be put off buying the rights… Anyway, Jarred has essentially bought the rights to ebooks that were already being sold over there. How good a thing for me this is I don’t know. Certainly the advance is nice but does this mean Sky Horse will be bringing out the paper version of those books? Does this mean US fans will be seeing their own copies of books like The Line of Polity? I just don’t know.

Meanwhile my books are still going into translation. The books you see turned up at our house just a few days back. These are the German Baste Lubbe version of The Technician.

And while I’m on the subject of foreign copies of my books. I’ve been selling off my loft stock of books (here you see the latest pile of parcels ready to go)

and wonder if there’s anyone out there who would like some signed foreign editions (mainly German) copies? I have plenty: 


Sue said...

Why? Why do they do that? We've got the OH's books in languages we'll never understand! And, while we're at it, do they send a compliment slip saying "For your approval" ? I can barely understand the ruddy things in English (They're computer techy books btw)- like I'm going to know if it's been translated well into Polish! I mean, yeah, one copy maybe - but six? :-)

Neal Asher said...

Never understood it. I think it's Macmillan's foreign rights department offloading them on me, but why so many get sent to them in the first place beats me.

Alessandro said...

...And nothing in Italian, I suppose. The (only) good thing about this is that I won't get to cringe at the needlessly pompous translations - or "transpositions", I guess - of your titles, but, man! And to think that we used to *love* sci-fi here!

Neal Asher said...

No, nothing in Italian, or in Greek unfortunately.

ILTYT_Adventure said...

So you can sign them and send them to your German fans.

PS: German to English translate in Google translate could in theory cause a war.

Who knew?

Neal Asher said...

Graeme, I could indeed, but most of the German fans I've spoken to are smart buggers who read my books in English.