Sunday, April 06, 2014

Gardening on Crete

Here are some obligatory shots of the garden here. The weeds were at shoulder height and after 3 days I pulled them all and dug over the soil. This shot is of the front garden restored to order and salad seeds planted:

Here’s a garden that runs up beside the path to the ruin behind my house. At this point I was halfway along it. The Ruin, incidentally, is a name that has stuck from the days when that was precisely what it was. It even has a sign saying so on the wall despite it now being a self-contained apartment.

And here’s a shot from the front of the house showing one of the 3 piles of weeds I pulled out. It’s been very therapeutic exercise, as are the walks I’ve been going on, which I will get to anon.  

Oh, and I only came close to putting my hand on a scorpion twice.


Mike Fisher said...

THAT was a LOT of work. Good job, Neal. I would love to see Crete someday.

Mike (@Comkey)

Unknown said...

Nice work Neal

Unknown said...

Nice work Neal

Thud said...

I'd imagine Cretan scorpions a lot less threatening than your literary ones.

Bob Lock said...

From what little I can see of the sky from your photos it seems to look a strange colour. That can't be real, after all, sky is supposed to be grey isn't it?

(for those who don't know... I live in Wales, they sky is always grey here...) :-(

Unknown said...

Good to see you're keeping yourself busy. I'm a huge fan of the books and I have great respect for you sharing your feelings and activities. Keep strong, keep busy and bad times will lose ground to great memories!
Best wishes from a Dutch fan!

Neil said...

Garden is looking good. The change from the photo's when you originally moved out there is quite significant.

I hope the climate helps with things. Gloomy England isn't always good for the spirit, though it is a pleasant weekend at the moment.