Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Website Updates

I decided a number of days ago to put some extras on the website but for three or four days have been unable to upload anything. No explanations from Virgin - I suspect they were either overloaded or doing some maintenance.

I've now added a my SFF collection to Galleries and the 'scooby' ending on Gridlinked (this latter was an ending that was taken out during the editorial stages of the book because it was too much like a Scooby-Doo explanation).

Even with all the additions the website is only 11.4 megabytes so I will keep adding to it as time goes on. Any suggestions as to what you might like to see there?


Amusing Bunni said...

The Website looks really great, Neil.

Belated Merry Christmas to you & yours, and a
Happy New Year!

Taylor Preston said...

I've enjoyed several of the articles you've written about writing, publishing, and SF in general. Anything else along those lines would be interesting.

Thezzphai said...

That scooby-doo explanation came in pretty handy as I just finished Gridlinked today and I couldn't figure out some details explained in the alternative ending on my own.

BarryA said...

IIRC somewhere on the web is the collected wisdom of 'How it is' by Gordon, The Quince Guide, etc. It'd be nice to have at least a link and preferably the complete file somewhere on The Skinner or the Forum. (Maybe there is already, just that I can't see it.)

Sneaky thinking... it just might encourage you to revisit it and maybe eventually issue a chapbook or novella for the delectation of fans.

Neal Asher said...

Have a good new year yourself, Amusing Bunni.

Taylor, I think my whole stock of articles is sitting there now. But, maybe I should collect together all the interviews I've done and put them there too?

Thezzpai, I was still at the foot of the learning curve with that book. I would definitely have done the ending differently now.

BarryA, funny you should mention that, since I said something about it on the forum. The Polity Encyclopaedia is missing from the Pan Macmillan site now, so I'll be putting it on the website. It will, however, take some time to do since there is a mass of hyperlinks that will need reconnecting.