Friday, December 16, 2011


Right, I've stuck a forum up on my website here. Why not pay it a visit (all you IT buggers) and let me know what I'm doing wrong. I'm sure there'll be something...

Oh, and as I mentioned in one of my previous comments, I've now added a Galleries Page.


Unknown said...

I humbly suggest you might want to slip someone a few notes to do this properly for you. You can be getting into a world of hurt with forum software and before you know it your site is advertising cock pills and Nigerian gold.

If you are determined to go alone. I think you need to look at the layout of the forum page it looks a bit too narrow. Also something isn't linking properly within the software.

I'm also not sure if Virgin will allow a 'business' site where you've put it. You might want to look around at other free hosting solutions like Wikispaces or Google Sites.

BUT look very carefully at the small print. They tent to claim ownership of everything from your DNA to your first born

ILTYT_Adventure said...

Galleries very good. Are you pleased with the result? Seeing the artwork laid out that way is a collectors joy, first print runs, Sullivan art the works the entire shebang.

One thing maybe missing; Competition entries. And is it time for another "reader" artwork competition? Your fan base must have grown, so why not open up the field again, I really enjoy the different interpretations of peoples mental images. A sleer, a Droon, a Reif, a Jain super soldier, one of them their old sea captains.

Have a good'un.

ILTYT_Adventure said...


Doesn't do password resets properly. It's re-registered me even though I'm already registered from the previous incarnation (my fault clearly) but I can't unpick it. You may have to kick me out and delete me.

Navigation is a little awkward, requiring much use of the back button. It needs the main home and navigation banner per page. Other than that it's what you expect from a forum layout.

You need to get out more.