Monday, December 19, 2011


John Scalzi has asked those who read his site what they prefer reading about so, never being one to be shy of nicking a good idea... What have you enjoyed reading about and found interesting here? And what bugs you?

Let me know in the comments below...


Jimmy Devine said...

I like catching up with your experience in Crete, and the updates/insight that you give into characters, plots and themes.

The web camera interviews are also really refreshing, as this kind of giving back from some writers is not as nearly as forthcoming.

I also like that you taught me that Librarian and Libertarian are two different things.

God Bless The Skinner, long may it last!

Shaun said...

I like your techy stuff, your occasional 'political' rant and your willingness to actually engage with us, the scum on the, your internet audience.

But mostly I like that you keep writing cool books. Any more Cormac/Polity coming? /cracks whip...

Jono said...

Hey Neal, Your's is the only 'Authors' blog I follow, I've tried a couple (a few of them admittedly Scottish/Welsh), but yours is the only one that remains. I do sometimes skip over your longer rants, but have also forwarded some to friends, most notably that tobacco one (last year sometime, I think).
Anyway, whatever you do, keep doing it, and please push Audible (or your publishers) for more audio-books. getting bored with listening to Spatterjay over and over...

Afront said...

I like the book-related posts the best: snippets about progress on your own books and your reviews of other books are always interesting to read.

Although I go elsewhere for my sci-tech fix, I like your technology/science posts, especially when they relate to tech in your books.

I don't like the political posts as I feel they get in the way of the science fiction.

Mostly though I like that you're actively engaged with us through much of the year, not just when you have a book to promote.

Thud said...

The whole eclectic feel of the site is what gets me to return plus the fact that most readers seem to be pretty decent folk, its a friendly place!

Laszlo said...

Love the book reviews.
Sometimes because i've read them and it's interesting to see your take on them, at other times for exposing one i haven't heard of and may want to check out.

Also love the political commentary. It doesn't hurt that i'm more or less on the same wavelength as you so my nose doesn't get bent out of shape much. :)

And finally, I hate to say it (you, but the Crete posts get a little too tedious and too much of a bore sometimes.
I know, I know, I'm banned now! :)

On the other hand, LOVE your books, waiting for the next one...Laszlo

Thezzphai said...

I like the book and tech-related posts the best, although some of the tech stuff is hard to understand as a non native speaker.

Olive Cheuche said...

Hi Neal

I'm a frenchie with a taste for science and history and I like the diversity we find here (zappa music!) although i dont share much of your political views i do enjoy reading your take on climate change, banner waiving hippies and all

my favs are the webcam sessions about the book progress and other authors book reviews.

I have to say you make it so we feel close to you
thats rare/precious

please keep it coming

Alpharius said...

I pretty much like it all, but I really enjoy the fact that you reply to most (if not all?) the comments that contain questions.

So, thanks for that!

Along with, you know, all the good books you write too...

Neal Asher said...

Jimmy, I'd like to do more about the books and the processes involved, the problem is that doing so seems a bit unfair. I don't want to give too much away so end up teasing readers with tasters of a book they won't be seeing for two or more years!

Shaun and Jimmy, never understood that unwillingness of some writers to engage. We're supposed to be communicators after all.

You reminded me, Jono. I have a contract to sign and post back to Wildside Press, who are in dealings with Audible to turn The Engineer ReConditioned into an audio book.

Afront, you surprise me, because I'm sure the first time I saw your icon anywhere (lobster?) it was on a ranty political blog. However, I have finally realized that political rants should be kept to a minimum, that in fact it's probably best to use a bit more irony and Socratic questioning.

Thud, it's a friendly place mainly because you have to sign up to comment. Also, when an arsehole turns up for a bit of trolling I now refuse to engage. Also, if no one here has replied I'll delete their comments.

Laszlo, the problem about the Crete posts is that when I'm there it's my main interest. If I didn't write about it I wouldn't have much to say!

Thezzphai, yeah, maybe I should start introducing a bit more retrospective book stuff. That would get round the 'teasing' problem I told Jimmy about.

Olive, now there's a thought. Maybe a bit more history stuff too - it is another of my interests.

Alpharius, I always try to reply. If someone has made the effort to comment here I feel beholden to reply.

Chrish said...

Quote: 'However, I have finally realized that political rants should be kept to a minimum, that in fact it's probably best to use a bit more irony and Socratic questioning.'
You okay? or is it just the Christmas spirit?

Phil M said...

Yours is the only blog I follow so that must say something about the content, as these days I seem to have developed the attention span of a goldfish!
I enjoy your Crete updates, the book reviews, the rants are highly entertaining, even got Mrs M reading them. I'm not always interested in some of the science articles and associated links but all in all keep up the good work.

Merry Xmas to you and Caroline

Athena said...

Well it seems I'm with the others here, yours being the only blog I follow these days. I like it because there's always something new and interesting to read about :) It's cool getting behind the scenes info on your books and where they're at too. And it's really great that you answer questions and interact with all us fans.

Love your books and can't wait for the next one.

Have a good Christmas! (^_^)

Graeme. said...

It would completely lower the tone if I were to suggest a Reader's Wives section, so I won’t.

I'm blissfully ignorant of politics so I tend not pay those posts much attention.

I like the videos – I think that fact that they make you so uncomfortable shows you’re still ‘normal’.

I’m a bit of a techy so I like that stuff.

I’ve said it before, but I’m a sucker for a brand and this site gives me access to Asher Inc.
As someone’s already said, getting a response to a post from the author himself is pretty damn cool.

Competitions are exceedingly cool although I bet they’re time consuming at your end.

I tend to keep my personal and professional life separate on line so I wouldn’t post the Crete stuff as I’d imagine it more for friends and family – but then you seem to use your personal Facebook account for ‘work’ stuff – do you accept friend request from fans ? Or maybe you set up a Facebook account FOR fans ?
That said I like the Crete posts but only because it proves that the idea of a foreign escape/retirement is possible.

Darren Goldsmith said...

Just keep doing what you do! Love the fact you engage with your readers, love the video questions, love the novel progress updates (and glad you don't give too much away)... and yeah, the tech posts are very cool too.

Merry Crimbo to you, sir!

Neal Asher said...

Chrish, I'm okay, just put that in the same file as 'I'm never drinking again'.

Phil M, damn this is all turning into som ego-inflation when I was expecting to be ducking brickbats.

Thanks Athena. more behind the scenes stuff coming up.

Graeme, I don't want to separate the personal and professional because (now how can I write this without being pompous)... because writing is my vocation, not just my job.

So generally, Darren, the consensus here is 'keep doing what you're doing'.

Merry Xmas all!

Graeme. said...

"..writing is my vocation, not just my job."

you lucky fucker :)

Taylor Preston said...

I like it all. More about the writing process is always cool. I really like the idea of a retrospective on some of the novels and shorts. The fact that you're very down to earth and accessible is a huge plus. Keep up the good work!

Darren Goldsmith said...

Hmmm... yeah. I guess my previous comment wasn't all that helpful. :)

Thud said...

An author prepared to speak out and go against what is from the arts world a hard left agenda is a treat,,,please rant on.

Martin Sommerfeld said...

I enjoy reading about your writing most of all. All stuff from little teasers of coming books, updates on how your writing is going, what problems you encounter, what solutions you find, (silly) ideas you dump along the way, publishing news and so on.

I also like reading your reviews a lot, not necessarily agreeing in every instance.

Overall I always enjoy coming back to your blog from time to time. :-)

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

great when you post a lot. could do without the flower, gardening tips. the Crete bugs are great bits of information/inspiration when they end up wreaking havoc to your pinafore tea party with spraymist deathgoo.