Friday, January 13, 2012

Follow Friday, Apparently

So, I just passed 30,000 words on Penny Royal (having been slowed up over the last two days by feeling crap). The backstory I previously mentioned is now at about 29,000 words and looks likely to turn into a book by itself. What more can I say? Nothing. I don’t want come-backs of the, ‘But you said so-and-so was going to happen’ kind. Everything is up in the air at the moment and I’m just writing where the fancy takes me.

People have been recommending me for a ‘Shorty Award’ on Twitter. After contemplating getting my stilettos out of the wardrobe I realized that this is for ‘producers of the best short content on social media’. Since this is Twitter I’m wondering about the redundancy of the word ‘short’. I went over to the site concerned where there was a questionnaire for me to fill in. I don’t suppose they wanted the kind of answer I gave to their question about a hash tag thingy I would like to see more of: #facesICouldNeverTireOfPunching. Today I’ve discovered that #FF means ‘Follow Friday’ wherein people recommend other people to follow. What a strange introverted place the Twitterverse can be.

Another social media site I’ve signed up on is Google+, but with a sigh, desultory attempts at posting and swift fuck-off flashes of irritation when I encountered problems. I think I’m suffering from social media fatigue #SMF … or something.


robann said...

I think I prefer the interface of google+ over facebook but the problem is the network effect. If everyone I know is on facebook then google+ is a bit lonely.

Pippa Jay said...

I'm on Google+ but mostly keep forgetting about it and just throw the odd link on there. It's a bit social media overload with Facebook, Twitter and blogging to do as well.

Neal Asher said...

It is a bit lonely over there, robann, but already gathering those who are fanatical about it.

My thoughts exactly, Pippa.

+K said...

-lol- Glad I was able to introduce you to a new introversion - #FF. ;) It's a meme... self-aware and viral in nature... at least, that's the story I am going with, dammit.

Agree with Robann and Pippa... we are on G+ too, but it gets the afterthought-if-any-thought, because by the time we are done with Twitter and FB... I just don't feel all that 'social' any more. (The joys of Aspergers.)

Also, thanks for your lead on who to contact at Macmillan UK... Seems word spread through the internal network, and sudden we are Persona Gratia again, but this time Macmillan (Aust) is taking the lead, since it appears Macmillan (NZ) is depreciated to near-zero.


Karl @

Josh M said...

I signed up to G+ more-or-less from day one, and I keep popping over when I remember (less and less often, sadly) but other than blogs posting there as well as Twitter/Blogger/FB etc, nobody I have on it has contributed for six months or so. Fanboying Google I wish it would take off, but fear FB is too well entrenched.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...
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vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

lose all your privacy quick!

the FF thing is such a conforming waste of time. BUT @sodomyclown is the most fucked up person over there on Twitter i recommend to people. @ubuweb has the most obscure cultural stuff.

the bullet scene from The Technician with Penny Royal reminded me of one section in this vid:

oh ya, check out myspace!!

Graeme said...

Square eyed self induced eletronic media overload syndrome.

Get out on your effing bike and enjoy the spartan leafless countryside of Essex, I can assure you it will be a far more exhilarating experience than having some media studies twat blow electronic smoke up your arse with a totally made up self promoting award.... unless it comes with a cash prize or a bottle of something nice.

Seriously what the FF would you have been doing years ago before all this social media claptrap, Likes Causes and shitty little games came along? ... er having a life maybe.