Thursday, January 26, 2012

Maldon Prom

We took a little walk around the Maldon prom a couple of weeks ago. Here's a few pictures:

Maldon on the mud.

Thames barges.

This is where they have the Maldon mud race.

More boats.

HSE haven't found this yet.

View back towards Maldon from the prom.

The prom lake, which used to be a swimming lake that thousands visited every summer until some berk dived in (ignoring the presence of 'No Diving ' signs), smacked his head on a post and died. Subsequent involvement of the HSE and a compensation claim closed the lake to swimming. Congratulation all round. 

The statue of Byrhtnoth a 10th century leader under Ethelred whose claim to fame is getting spanked by the Vikings. Erected in honour of council leaders who were wondering how next to blow a silly amount of money.

Steam boat.

Him again.

I needed chips. It was bloody cold.

16th century pub, with a parrot.

Maldon high street.


Arth said...

er...from your photos a place I wont be putting a priority on seeing any time soon!!!

Chrish said...

Nice pics! cheers mate, chips any good? (reg. you always complaining about GB spuds ;)

Neal Asher said...

There are worse places, Arth. At least Maldon has some character and history and isn't just estates and superstores.

The chips were very nice, Chris, though I think they might have come out of a supermarket freezer. They helped not at all with my intention to lose weight. Caroline bought them but I just couldn't resist the smell.

Phil M said...

You can offset the consumption of the chips with all the walking around and where's the picture of the parrot?

Arth said...

I agree with you Neal, I think any place in winter is pretty bleak (unless there is snow!!)

Bob Lock said...

You still wearing the leather jacket your Mum bought in the charity shop?

Neal Asher said...

Phil, the problem is that a few miles isn't really enough. And on any other month we would have ended up in a put too. We didn't this time, hence the lack of parrot pictures.

Yeah, a bit of bright sunlight there would have made all the difference, Arth.

No, that died long ago, Bob. The jacket you see is actually one bought new from a real shop and everything.

Graeme said...

There are some real gems round our bit of coast.

Neal Asher said...

'PUB' bloody 'PUB'! Damned typos.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

PUB-point uff brew.

Chrish said...

First one ends up in a pub and after that one ends up in a put:)

Andrew said...

Reminds me of Upnor on the Thames Estuary in Kent, but bigger.

Used to go to a climbing wall there.

I like these places.

Huan said...

Do they use Maldon salt on the chips there?

Neal Asher said...

Huan, I didn't notice. However it is fun perpetually seeing it in TV cookery programs.