Monday, January 16, 2012

Neal Asher Video Clip 15/1/2012

Here's the latest. As always, further questions in the comments section below.


Graeme said...

Great face for radio :-)

Bob Lock said...

Enjoyed the clip, especially the errant filter trick :)

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

"possibly a lot of people are gonna get killed"

laughing out loud! ye olde body count covered a wall. great vid!!

Conan the Librarian™ said...

Hmm...For your next video clip could you wear a black rollneck jumper against a black background?

Neal Asher said...

Perhaps I should get myself a hockey mask, Graeme, you cheeky bugger.

Very annoying that, Bob. All the faffing about afterwards was me using a pencil to open up the end of the rollie and reinsert the filter.

Vaude, I guess I could have said I will be exploring the social and psychological implications of a mentally challenged artificial intelligence. Hang on. What's that up there? It's got a curly tail and wings.

Well I didn't know that Conan ... the sex change I mean.

Taylor Preston said...

Thanks for the detailed response!

Huan said...

Thanks for that Neil,
I just had trouble visualising the size of Amistad, especially considering the armament loading he carries, although I guess future weapons pack more punch than current stuff.
BTW the first pronunciation was the right one.