Monday, October 04, 2010


The previous posts concerning earthquakes I wrote on Saturday, then on Sunday at 6.20PM we bloody well got another one. I felt the floor lift slightly under my feet, and again that rumble penetrated right through to my bones. I assured Caroline that lots of mini-quakes in an earthquake area are a good thing, because they’re relieving whatever pressure is building up deep underground – better lots of little ones rather than none for a long time then a big bugger to catch up. She remains unconvinced.


Jebel Krong said...

hmmm. a lot of small ones can mean a big one is building though - be careful (though the fact that your house is relatively old is a good sign).

Keith said...

We had a 7.1 here(NZ) 3 weeks back in a city (Chch) that isn't know for quakes, since then ~1300 aftershocks. Generally power=energy/time, so the more time the less power in your quake. Chch residents would rather have lots of little ones, believe me. Oh, thanks for the Technician, the universe just got bigger.