Saturday, November 27, 2010

Brass Monkeys

Damn, the brass monkeys have bought up all the insulated scrotum protectors and are running for cover. The snow hasn’t hit us in this part of Essex yet but, as you can see, it ain’t exactly Cancun outside and the snow is on the way.

I have to wonder just how much longer I’ll be able to keep on cycling without risking being mowed down by some prick in an SUV who thinks ice is what happens to other people. I fully intend to keep trying, even going so far as raking out my old fleece-lined fishing suit if necessary. But cycling through blizzards will have to be a no-no since I don’t have windscreen wipers on my eyes.

Mmm, I wonder what the betting now is on a white Christmas?

11.05AM and the temperature reads minus 4.


Philip said...

No doubt the GW tribal elders will claim it's still all caused by global warming. That's the only explanation. No, honest. Really.

Try and stick that in your global warming models... Oh, they're wrong? Oh dear.

The true answer is that they have not even begun to add in all of the factors affecting our planet into their climate models. It's like trying to predict the weather using the scattering of toothpicks or something. Pathetic.

Neal Asher said...

Sssh, you mustn't say that. The weather is not climate, except when it's hot.

Xanares said...

My native Denmark has up to half a meter of snow by now this week. Quite unusual to have that much already.

What was the reason for you guys coming back over the winter Neal? Better to have the cold than the slightly less cold but incredible wet? (if not something completely different of course)

Neal Asher said...

Caroline still loves England, Xanares. Other reasons include the reality that up in the mountains of Crete the winter temperatures, though generally 10 degrees higher than we have here, can still be quite cold. This is okay if you have plenty of heating and insulation in your house, but ain't so great if you have tiled floor below your feet and just a few inches of concrete above your head.

Another reason, which is growing on me, is the value of changes of perspective. Remaining on Crete you become very insular, just as you can by remaining in England. It's amazing how some things completely lose their importance when you go away from them for a while.

Paul said...

-7C, 9" inches of snow.

Stop whining!

At least it's better than last winter -17C and 18" of snow.

Fader209 said...

I'm surprised you have managed to dodge the snow thus far Neal, I'm not a million miles away from you (Norwich) and we get a dusting every day so far.

It's silly really, everybody knew the snow was coming and the council still didn't grit some important roads in the city. Those important roads being the hilly ones...


Neal Asher said...

Regarding a deleted post:

Maybe I didn't make myself clear enough. No one here needs you to 'correct' their thinking, Newton, so go away.

Neal Asher said...

I'm not whining, Paul. This post is up so the full-time residents in Crete can take the piss out of us when we go back!

The snow is arriving now, Fader209, and today's bike ride is looking increasingly unlikely.

Xanares said...

Thanks for the answer Neal. Quite agree too. Having travelled quite a bit for extended periods of time it's clear that staying put closes down your mind, for good I guess but mostly bad.

The logistical problems associated with living in two or more places yearly has gone down decisively too, making it that more of an option. (especially if you work in IT) I am reminded I never froze as much as in winters in Malta because of the insulation tech used (which serves you well during summer!).

Personally I was thinking more of a NZ/Malta arrangement though hehe.

note: removed the other post - too many spelling issues

Neal Asher said...

Caroline fancied Malta, but I didn't. Struck me as a building site scattered with dog poo, and there's only about one beach there.