Tuesday, March 06, 2012


We took a train to Chester on Friday, neither Caroline nor I particularly liking driving there, and it was a quick and easy journey. Also, for no immediately apparent reason it was cheaper to travel by train there than it was to go to Brighton. Go figure. Here are a few photos of that city.

We went to see my brother Bob, sister-in-law Christine and their two daughters Samantha and Rebecca. Here’s Christine, Bob and Caroline.

Here’s the Waterstones I visited. On seeing that they only had four of my books there I wasn’t going to bother to ask if they wanted them signed, but relented. The girl working behind the counter then took a number of books out of a display alcove and put my signed copies up in it, along with my book marks, so it was worth it.

The whole break involved an awful lot a walking, which I’m still recovering from. I think my body went into a kind of shock after the first five miles, which could only be relieved later on by copious red wine. 


Darren Goldsmith said...

Looks lovely there... great bridge!

And yay for stealth (or in this case, not so stealth) signings. :)

Nick Gregory said...

Might slide in and see if they have any signed "The Departure" books....

Neal Asher said...

No, not stealthy, Darren.

No copies of The Departure there, Nick.

Graeme. said...

wow - your brother is the spit of you !

On that sort of topic - how often have you been recognised/stopped in the street ?

osh said...


That is just what I thought before I read it was not neal!

Neal Asher said...

Graeme and Osh, yeah, I guess there's a similarity, though I'm fatter.

No, I haven't been recognized or stopped on the street. I rather suspect that's not something that happens much to writers let alone SF writers. Personally I can only think of a couple (other than those I know) who I would recognize.