Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Owner Trilogy

Well, no real announcement yet, but it appears the Owner trilogy – The Departure, Zero Point and Jupiter War – might be being taken on by an American publisher. If this does happen then all complaints about not being able to get hold of the ebook over there may well be resolved.

It'll be interesting to see if the American reaction to this is as sharply divided. I suspect not, since the political left and right over there supposedly occupy a different position on the fallacious political scale to here. 

Righto, off to Chester today so it'll be a quiet here. 


Northern Fop said...

Neal: Are you planning on editing or rewriting any of the series prior to the US release.

You've mentioned things like 'while'/'whilst', and the chapter headers in the past, so I wondering if you were going to take the opportunity to do a bit of tweaking. Is that sort of thing even allowed by the pubs?

Anderson Vitous said...

That's wonderful news! ...though getting "The Departure" in its UK hardcover edition was easy enough since there was no US publisher at the time.

This US reader would prefer the original prose be left untouched, having no issues with UK spelling and language usage (not to mention knowing where English originated *cough*), but it is your and your publisher's decision after all.

Neal Asher said...

Northern Fob, I think Macmillan got on top of the while/whilst thing. Beyond that the only tweaking I would consider is maybe attributing the bits at the start of each chapter e.g. to subnet and govnet bloggers.

Anderson, if they are published I suspect the publisher concerned won't be making those sorts of alterations.