Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Zero Point Mock Ups

Just as a matter of interest, here are some mock ups of the Zero Point cover. These are roughs (shit I couldn't produce perfected artwork like this) by Jon Sullivan. What do you think?

Also, take a look at this beauty.


Pippa Jay said...

The full-size version is AMAZING!

+K said...

Jon Sillivan is an AMAZING artist... and I am truely in awe. LOVE IT!

ILTYT_Adventure said...

I have this little fantasy, that quietly in the backround Mr Sullivan is reproducing the Cormac Series as graphic novel... it falls down when I think about how long one of those pictures takes to produce.

Darren Goldsmith said...

I have to be careful when I’m talking about cover art. Someone (an author, I won’t say who) took great exception to my comment regarding a book about to be released by the same publisher as the one they’re currently with. To such an extent, in fact, that they unfollowed me. Gasp.

I guess it’s understandable (protectionism and all that), but a little childish nonetheless.

Again, I won’t say what cover or what book. Even though I loved the art itself (it was excellent), the typography bothered me. It was only a hyphen (and, *technically*, should have been there) but it took me right out of the design/art and ruined the magic. Art is not about being technically correct… it’s about a feeling.

The cover for Zero Point effortlessly maintains the magic. I don’t question the text/titling. The size and font is perfect. The colour palette is perfect. Every aspect just works. My eye is drawn to the different elements naturally, with no uncomfortable jarring. It’s wonderful job. Did the artist also do the typography?

Teknocrat said...

Blown away but Jons revamping of your covers. I really liked the originals, however Jons were the first proper renditions of people and places in your universes that I really connected with.

I agree with Graeme that a graphic novel by Jon would be supremely awesome, but I guess that shall remain a fantasy :)

Another excellent cover, spot on, exciting and eye catching

Thud said...

Icing on the cake.

Unknown said...

Really impressive, so eye-catching... I have the full size version as my desktop background. I often catch myself just staring at it when I should be studying :P

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

the big one makes me cry out loud. it's so good. even more emotionally disturbing is that the author of this book dances to Abba.


Neal Asher said...

Pippa, all the full-sized ones of my covers, which can be found on his site, are amazing too.

+K, he is very good and I hope he doesn't get snatched away from cover design.

Graeme, I have a dream of his artwork being used as the basis of CGI in a movie.

Darren, these authors can be tetchy little queens. A degree of self belief is required, but that can sometimes be at the cost of humility.

Teknocrat, these are revamps, but they're not going to be used. Just eye-candy.

Thud, and I'm hoping everyone enjoys the cake...

Athena, I did have The Gabble as my desk top but nothing now - must do something about that.

Vaude, its from my era, and really the music is less important than the sweat. Just consider it an evil that's keeping me alive to write more books.

JeffR said...

What are they shooing at????

Alex said...

I am glad you have Jon as your cover artist, he takes time to put detail from the books into his art and makes them visually appealing.